Let’s do this.

Hello Friends!

Oh, my poor little neglected blog! I can’t believe I have only posted once this month, and that was only to shout to the world my big milestone birthday. And thank you all so much for the birthday wishes – it was a great birthday and I am blessed beyond words to have the friends I have.

So, I’ve been keeping up with you all, reading and commenting here and there, but just haven’t made the time to sit and write a post of my own, but here it is, Friday afternoon and I decided to use this time to get some thoughts out that have been swirling around in my noggin. Oh but where to begin?

Well, I’ll begin with my new love: Kindle. If Kindle were a person, it would have a restraining order against me. I have read 5 books in the last 2 weeks and I’m half way finished with my current selection. My lovely and talented niece, Krysten (Hiya Sweets!) gave me an Amazon gift card to purchase some books, so with that and with all the free selections that the Kindle Store offers, I have lots of reading material to last me at least another 2 weeks. 🙂  I have been reading any chance I can get. I am devouring books as fast as my eyes can flit across the page; I’m drowning in words, bingeing on stories, and ingesting characters as if they were sitting across the table from me telling me their tales with their own voices. Reading is very satisfying – it makes me feel content…almost full. And yes, I am fully aware of the words I am choosing here. 🙂

One of the books I have recently read is Made to Crave by Lysa Terkheurst. It is a book of faith – more specifically a book in which you use your faith to get you through the cravings and the “I don’t want to’s”. I enjoyed the book and have even thought of doing a small group bible study with it. Reading the book made me realize that I seem to think that God doesn’t care about my little weight problem, but why wouldn’t take advantage of the incredible resource that is the One who made me? Yes, I believe He does care, and I believe He will help me get through this struggle.

Speaking of my “struggle”, I’ve been doing some experimenting lately and I’m pleasantly surprised at how it’s turning out. I’ve been getting up early and working out – out of the 25 days of this month so far, I have worked out for 12 of those days. Go me!  I’m also going to a Zumba class on Tuesday nights, which OH MY GOSH  is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!  I love it!  The food part of the experiment came to me one day out of the blue. It is pure genius in its simplicity that I’m surprised I didn’t think of it before. Now that I have built it up, you are going to think “well duh Jill” when I tell you about it.   I have added an extra meal to my day. Ta da!! Okay, let me explain…I eat lunch at 11 am and then I get off of work at 4:30, which puts me home at 5 o’clock or later, with dinner happening sometime around 6:30ish. That’s a long time between meals, right? So I had been taking a snack to eat around 2 – usually an apple or some crackers, but even that wasn’t enough because when I got home I was still crazy-hungry and would eat 1000 calories and THEN eat dinner too. Not good for the ever-expanding waist-line.  So when I pack my lunch in the mornings (I take my lunch every day – usually leftovers from the night before) I’ve been packing a sandwich and some carrots and a piece of fruit.  I eat this anywhere between 2 and 4 o’clock, and whaddya know? The after work binges are so much easier to handle now.  I think that really I can probably pack half a sandwich and be just fine, so I’ll be trying that next week. Taming this after work binge monster is important to me because I feel like that’s where I get into the most trouble, calorie-wise. Something else that I’m working on is nibbling. Actually I’m working on NOT nibbling.  One evening after work, I counted 7 times in one hour where I wanted to nibble on something – chips, crackers, a piece of the waffle leftover from breakfast, some of my daughter’s cereal, some candy, some candy coated sunflower seeds, and some lunchmeat.  I WAS NOT HUNGRY when I wanted to nibble all these things. It’s just a habit that I have picked up along the way and it is killing my weight loss efforts. So just being aware of this helps, plus having my afternoon meal helps as well.  So in a nutshell, here’s what I’m doing these days:

  • 4 meals per day
  • No nibbling
  • Use my Made to Crave go-to scripts
  • Report weight to someone weekly

That last one is where you all come in. For several days I was waffling about joining Weight Watchers again, even though it makes me crazy obsessive about food. When I started to ask myself  what it is that I wanted from WW, I realized that I wanted accountability. Walking in to an office and weighing in front of someone is a huge motivator. THAT’S what I wanted when I thought about joining WW again, but honestly I don’t want to pay the bucks to do that, when I could just report it here on my blog for free, right?  So once a week, I will display my weight here for all the blog-world to see. I don’t know if it will be the same day every week, but I will make the effort to post it at least once a week.  I need you all to help remind me, when I don’t post it, because I know there are going to be days when I forget. Would you all mind helping out with this? Thanks! Okay so here goes…my starting weight…


EEK!! I loathe anything above 163 (on me) so I’m ready to lose it fo sho.

Okay, well that’s all I have time to write today and I hope to blog more often. I want to really start taking advantage of all the resources I have at my disposal and your support is one of those resources.  I’m ready to get the show on the road!  🙂

Let’s do this.

12 thoughts on “Let’s do this.

  1. This is such an insightful blog. I’m glad you identified a problem and found a solution that works for you. Thank you for sharing it, I think it will help a lot of people too.

  2. Oh my goodness. What a great blog. What a great idea! Yes, that is fantastic that you added that meal at work. That’s kind of how I do my workdays. only 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches , one drive home snack.

    But the great idea I was talking about was weighing in once a week and putting it out there on your blog. I think I’m gonna do that. I am going to get serious about getting these extra pounds off. Can we remind each other to post?

    Whoa, I am so impressed with your working out. And Zumba? I’m still afraid to try it.

    Tell my why the kindle is making you read more than regular books? Because I want someone to convince me I need an IPad LOL.

    P.s. did you get my email tonight?

    1. Just replied to your email. 🙂

      The Kindle – well, first of all, it is so easy to download books, plus Kindle offers lots of free books to download, which is where I got most of my selections. There are also lots of choices for less than $5, so I downloaded a few of those too. It’s just so much easier than going to the library, although I do still take the kiddos there to get books. Also, my Kindle is small enough that I can carry it with me anywhere, and I’ve got several books loaded into one small package. I read a lot during lunch at work, and I don’t always want the guys to see what I’m reading (especially if it’s a diet book), so now I can read whatever I want and they won’t even know what it is. I just really, really love it.

      and yes, Debs, you NEED an iPad!! Go get one already!! 🙂

  3. I’m new to your blog, found it sort of by accident – and I like it 🙂

    I try never to let more than 3-4 hours to go between meals…that way my blood sugar levels never drop too far down and thus I can avoid binges. The accountability part for me works out with an internet program I found last year: it’s sort of like an electronic food diary…I enter everything I eat on there, and the system calculates my calories for me. When I work out, I enter the exercise on there as well, and so the system adjusts my daily calories amount based on the workouts too. I’m from Finland, but I’m sure you have websites like this over there too — I think it’s worth testing… I lost some 23 lbs last year by doing this….

    Good luck to you ! And have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Zella!! I love your name, btw!

      We have lots of those type of internet food log programs over here. I’ve used them in the past, and might start using one again. I agree it does help!

      Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you again! 🙂

  4. You sound like you are doing wonderfully! (Is DH jealous of the Kindle? 🙂

    Yay, You, for adding another meal to prevent binges. I’ve recently been adding “pacers” to my day. (I haven’t blogged about that, yet.) It’s just a couple of bites of something to pace me until my next meal. Like what you are experiencing, I’ve been able to keep the binge monster at bay. It’s only been a couple of weeks. Let’s see how I do when “that time” approaches.

    Happy reading! (Oh, that book about including God in our quest to lose weight sounds good. We spoke about that in a EFYS meeting — basically so many feel it’s too vain to go to God for help with our eating and bodies, but He is there for everything.)

  5. Hey Jill!

    First, I am so sorry I missed your 40th. Happy birthday girlfriend!!!! Welcome to the big 4-0 club.

    So proud of your workout efforts & your new food strategies. I hear about that book on K-Love. Haven’t read it though b/c I figured it was like all other weight loss books I’ve read. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some religious based diet book somewhere, and even did Gwen Shamblyn’s Weigh Down Workshop 10ish years ago, which was really meaningful but didn’t help me lose weight.

    Anywho, go YOU! I weighed today, after cutting back a couple of days too, and was (ta da!) 182.6. Gee whiz, can you say twins separated at birth? hee hee

    We can get there together.

    As MizFit would say, “please to” share how you got your booty moving in the morning. I’m assuming you aren’t a morning person. If you are, then never mind. 🙂

    Love ya girl!

  6. “Yes, I believe He does care, and I believe He will help me get through this struggle.”

    I came back to this post after reading this a couple of days ago:

    “When you turn to Jesus every day with your weaknesses, you can truly begin to let Him be your Savior. Before, He was probably just your back up plan. You no longer wait for the end of the day to repent. You find yourself needing to pray every minute of every day, for help, guidance, repentance, and love. You can come to understand why you have weaknesses: so you can remember that you need a Savior.”

    It struck a chord with me. Anyway, I hope your fishing went well.

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