THE BIG 4-0!

Happy Birthday!
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Welcome to my big 40th birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

I am 40 years old today and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!  I not only love my birthday, but I love this one because I can say “sayonara” to my 3os. I wasn’t really a big fan of the 30th decade – it was hard, but the 40s? Bring it on!!

It has been cold and cloudy here for the last several days, but today in honor of My 40th Birthday Extravaganza, Mr. Sun decided to come out and play. Also, when I got in my car to head to work this morning this song was playing on the radio:

(This song was also playing the morning of my wedding nearly 15 years ago, so it has special meaning for me.)

I know, right? How much more perfect can it get?!


I’m working today, but I’m taking tomorrow off so I can have a 3 Day Birthday Weekend Extravaganza!! (I do love the word “extravaganza” ya know) I’m going to dinner tonight with my family and my sister and her family (Mexican food =  birthday margaritas!), and then tomorrow I’m going to do whatever the heck I want.  I think I’m going to get a mani/pedi, then hit my favorite antique stores, then lunch at a cute lil cafe where I will eat whilst reading my new birthday present that I bought for myself:

I cannot freakin wait to get my hands on this thing and start reading!!   After lunch, there might be more shopping, or maybe a movie, who knows. And yes, I will most likely be doing all of this alone, but I’m okay with that.  Last year I spent my birthday doing just this type of thing and I had the best day. So I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.


Well I should probably get some work done, since I’m here (who am I kidding – I’m going to be worthless all day!).  I hope you all have a great weekend!!


16 thoughts on “THE BIG 4-0!

  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh, I wish I could leave a comment with colorful decorative fonts!!! And you know I am a fan of the dowhateveryouwantallbyyourselfday!!! Plus Mexican tonight. Doesn’t get any better than that!

    And yeah. I had to count back and think about what I was doing in my 40’s. Yep, that was a fine decade.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! Wishing you a great time on your great plans. A special day for a very special person. Enjoy, I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Great song!! I often heard that song while growing up. Awesome.


    Happy Birthday, Jill! 40 is a cool number. I was looking forward to 40. Nice gift for yourself. Danny really likes his — great for travel.

    Having a birthday alone actually sounds like a great gift. I love my family, and I don’t want to always be alone, but… I know you know.

    Anyway, happy HAPPY day!

  4. Happy Birthday! And remember… 40 is the new 50! No, wait… it’s the new 20! Well, maybe it’s the new 30… I can’t remember exactly what it is, but it’s the new something!

    Have a extravagant weekend!

  5. Happiest birthday to YOU, Jill!!! Any celebration with a margarita in it has to be pretty darn awesome. And I’m also a fan of the “do whatever you want to by yourself” day – sounds like you have a nice mix of the social and the enjoyable solitary planned for The Extravaganza!

    I love my 40s so far! The 30s were great and all, but I feel like I’m really getting my groove back in my 40s. Hope you enjoy them, too!

  6. Happy happy birthday! I just may need to have a margarita in your honor tonight. Wishing you the BEST decade – here’s to Fabulous and 40!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jill. I don’t have a blog but I read what you write faithfully. I admire your guts, determination, humor and your goal to be the BEST Mom you can be. You are funny and so real. I wish you happiness and fortune in 2011.

    Ohio Girl

    1. I fixed it for you!! You said such sweet things, I didn’t want to delete the whole thing so I just changed the name! Hope that’s okay! 🙂

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