Hey gang!

So I decided that enough is enough and I need to change the way I eat. I go for the lazy option too often and I need to experiment a little. So for my first experiment, I’m going old skool and bustin’ out the South Beach Diet book. I’ve done SB before and had success with it – it helped me lose 30 pounds and I felt great (disclaimer -I was also taking an appetite suppressant and working out daily), so I figured I would try it again. I may very well be the only person on the planet doing SBD right now, but oh well. I’m trying to find something that I can live with for the rest of my life, because let’s face it, my way hasn’t been working. Contrary to what a lot of folks believe, SBD is NOT a low carb diet. The first 2 weeks are low carb, yes, but after Phase 1 you get to add in some good healthy carbs and you build from there. Phase 1 is going to be the toughest for me because I’m a carb lovin gal the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

Here’s a rundown of how the first few days have gone:

Day 1 – Oh man, this is so easy! Why did I wait so long to do this? Phase 1 is going to be a piece of (sugar free) cake!

Day 2 – Note to self – woman cannot live on vegetables alone. Protein is your friend!!! Make sure you have enough with your salad at lunchtime or you will be STARVING CRANKY WENCH by dinner time.

Day 3 – Oh jeez what am I doing? I can’t handle this. I think I’m going through junk food withdrawal. Any why did I promise the kids we could go to CherryBerry? I feel anxious and I’m pretty sure I’ve way more pistachios than I should have. This sucks. Sucks Sucks Sucks!!!

Day 4 – Started the day with a minor indiscretion, but I’m not beating myself up for it. I’m just going to continue on as if nothing happened. I feel better today and the cravings have been easier to deal with. I also started my Lady Time today, so that could have been what was wrong with me yesterday.

Day 5 – Do you smell jet fuel? Because today I crashed and burned in a most spectacular way.  I won’t discuss the carnage, but I think it was the result of not eating breakfast until way late, plus I’ve been eating the same foods for the last 5 days and when the easy option presented itself, I went for it like a 12 year old girl goes for Justin Bieber. I’ve got new foods now, though, so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day 6 – Much better today. Feeling pretty good. I think I’m getting the handle of this.

Day 7 – I’m sick of Phase1!! Phase 1 sucks!! I want some carbs dammit!!!


So I’m halfway through Phase 1, and it cannot end soon enough. I’m so ready to start Phase 2 and start adding some stuff back in. There’s only so much you ( I ) can do with salad and meat. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost – not much I’m afraid. But really the point of doing this is to see if this (not Phase 1) is something I can do for most of the rest of my life. The plan is to give it a solid month and then see if I feel like it’s working or if I think I need to try something else.

So far I have learned that I love love love roasted vegetables! I love it when the broccoli gets cripsy and when the zuccini gets smoky. Mmmm so yummy! So if for no other reason than that, I consider this a success.

We’ll see how week 2 goes though – it’s going to be a challenge because week one has felt like it has been 28 days long. Learning how to eat differently is going to be harder than I thought!