Am so over it.

Before I get to Snowmageddon, go to Karly’s site and check out the article I wrote for her. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  🙂

Back to Snoklahoma…

I am so over the snow.

We got 2 feet of snow dumped on us Monday night and I have been stuck in the house ever since. Yesterday I was really in a funk. Not enough sleep and cabin fever did not make for a happy day. I was bored, but I didn’t want to do anything. I wasn’t hungry, but I ate cookies anyway. I finally snapped out of it early in the evening and didn’t eat for the rest of the night. Feeling better today, but so ready to get out and do something. It has started snowing again, so I don’t know if I’ll make it out after all. UGH!!!

Shawn has been working 12 hour days moving snow for people in town, so even though he’s home, he hasn’t been at home very much, which sucks but he’s making a pretty decent amount of money, so I guess that’s good. He’ll probably have to leave again on Sunday, which is also my son’s 14th birthday. I can’t believe he’s that old!! I miss his chunky 2 year old self. Fourteen years go by so fast…

Speaking of that, I always look at that day as the start of my weight struggles. I’ve been fighting this battle for F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N YEARS. I am so over it. I just CANNOT go on like this, I don’t want to do this for another 14 or 40 years. I just can’t. This has got to be the year I make significant changes – just not sure how to make it happen. I mean, I know how to make it happen, just not sure how to make it happen, ya know what I mean?

I am so over being fat.

Oh great, the snowflakes are getting bigger. That is not good. We don’t need more snow!! And to make it even better, there’s ANOTHER chance of snow on Tuesday. So sick of it. Really I am.

So to recap this super inspiring, happy cheerful post – I am over the snow and I am over being fat. Aren’t you glad I took the time to post today? What would you all do without my perky, gleeful self?  Okay, I’m off to do…something. Maybe I’ll have my own triathalon today – the elliptical, my new yoga dvd, and the Wii Fit. I need an endorphin overload STAT!!

Check ya later chickies!

9 thoughts on “Am so over it.

  1. Oh good. I was just coming here to check on your snowed-in-ness. Scary stories from especially OK and Chicago. I’m glad you’re OK but sorry about the climbing the walls part.

  2. I’m just glad to hear from you any which way! And your article over there on Karly’s was very good. I’ve got some other thoughts in there, but somehow they got lost on the drive home. Have a good weekend!

  3. finally got out myself on Friday, made it back to Zumba, walked in and the instructor was talking about the fact that all she had done all week was eat girl scout cookies. She had gotten to cardio (teaching helps!) on thursday and said it was hard to step up (put her smile on, get her moves big and strong). My cardio sucked yesterday (getting going again is always NO FUN) and will suck again today, but then will get easier.

  4. I appreciated your blog. I so get it too!!!! Cabin fever is so hard. We had it here in Charlotte a few weeks ago. I was stuck with my 2 kids and almost pulled every hair out of my head. I ate too. I am still making bad choices. I need to make changes too. It is the “MAKE” part that is so hard. You are not alone! I have some days when I feel so together and feel like I have got my weight issues figured out. Then the very next day I am a mess and making bad choices again! What is up with that????

  5. I guess you can get some cardio in by shoveling snow? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

    Here’s hope the cabin fever gets better really soon!

  6. It is the year for snow all over the US isn’t it though? I have been in a downward funk from it, so ready for spring!
    I’m so glad you posted on my blog (bfitby40) today, and I don’t mind you linking to my post at all, anything that can help someone else out 🙂
    Love your blog! I will be checking it out from now on 🙂

  7. I’m in Alberta, Canada and we have about 4 feet of snow right now…I SO want to be in Hawaii right now!!! *sigh* Instead it’s walking in the malls and doing fitness dvds to stay in shape and not go crazy. It’s supposed to get to 37 fahrenheit for the rest of the week though, which is something!

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