Tomorrow, I’ll go DO.

I got 50 pages into Intuitive Eating and I lost interest.

I got 32 pages into Women, Food, & God and I lost interest.

You know what? I’m tired of reading about food, eating, and/or losing weight.

Reading about losing weight is not going to make me lose weight. Doing is the only thing that is going to make me lose weight.

I’m going to go read something mysterious and thrilling. Or stupid and silly. As long as it isn’t about food or weight, I’m good.

And then tomorrow, I’ll go DO.

10 thoughts on “Tomorrow, I’ll go DO.

  1. Hey you! Snuck a post in there on me. I’m over on someone else’s blog, looking at their sidebar, and there you were with a new post!

    And I couldn’t agree more! Most of the time we have all the knowledge we need to succeed. We just have to go and do. I often feel like this when I am reading a book on prayer. Why do I keep reading ABOUT it? Why don’t I just stop and PRAY?

    Have to admit, I still pick up magazines and/or books to see if there’s something new, or easier. I’ll let you know when I find it!

  2. Love your blog girl. We have the same weight loss goals. Just found your blog while blog hopping today. Wish you had a follow button.
    I too, spend too much time reading and not DO-ING! I’ve learned so much through books, but it’s time to DO…you’re right!

  3. I wouldnt make it very far either on ready about food. I recently looked up what a good post work out food would be. boring.

    I love to read but it has to be total fiction.

    I read to get away a forget. Not to dwell on my diappointment in my weight.

    If you need a good author recommendation, let me know. 🙂

  4. This post sounds like something Yoda would say … “DO, do not read about doing, Just Do.”

    I loved the Stephanie Plum series (I think favs. were 1, 5, 7 ???). So, are you are Ranger or Morelli fan?

    1. Hmmmm….well since I have James Franco pictured as Morelli – I’m going to have to go with Morelli. Because James Franco makes me swoon. *swoon*

  5. Um… well… sometimes it does help to read books like these. At least, when I’m trying to psyche myself into eating lots of healthy green leafy things (as opposed to the fried chicken diet), then it helps to read books by people like Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard, or Joel Fuhrman. Even if you don’t plan to turn vegetarian or vegan or whatever, they all write books that pound it into my head, over and over and over, that eating vegetables is a good thing and no, french fries don’t count.

    Yes, Stephanie Plum is way more fun. I just think these books have their uses too.

    1. I agree they are very useful, and I have read many, many, MANY of these books, but I need a break. I need to give myself permission to read fluff for awhile!

  6. Enjoy some good fluff! And then sign up on and friend me so we can swap book ideas.

    Love the new blog look btw. Work has been crazy lately so I’m behind on my reading.

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