Patience, happy binges, & sharp toenails

I’m tired today. My girls think that daddy being gone means they get to sleep in my bed. Saturday night it was my 10 year old who JUST COULDN’T get to sleep so she crawled in with me and was asleep in 6 seconds. Then last night my 5 year old was scared in her room (she’s not scared of ANYTHING – she’s braver than I am!) so she slept in my bed and kicked me eleventybillion times throughout the night. So yeah, I’m perky and pleasant today. Is what I am. Oh, and hello Monday – you make everything better, don’t you?

Did I mention we are in the process of selling one of Shawn’s boats? We are thisclose to it being gone and out of my life and lots of money in my pocket. Just waiting for the buyer to go to his bank and sign the loan papers…this is me, waiting…since last Thursday…tick tock tick tock. Did I ever tell you how good I am at being patient? No? Well that’s because I’M NOT. Selling this boat will take an extremely large and heavy burden off our shoulders, so hey Buyer Guy – can we get on with it already?!?! I have this sinking feeling that he is going to change his mind, but even if he does, we have another guy waiting in the wings who is also interested. So hopefully something will happen one way or another very, very, soon.

Boot camp is tonight. Yay. I’m just not looking forward to it – it has become drudgery. I think one reason that I don’t really like it is because I feel like an outsider. Most of the women who are in this class have been together for several rounds of BC, so they all know each other well. They aren’t rude to me or anything like that; it’s just that they aren’t overly friendly either. They all stand around after class and talk and hang out and it feels like junior high all over again. I realize this is just my perception of things, but it makes for an awkward hour when I’m there. This is the last week though, so I won’t have to worry about it anymore after Wednesday.

My food choices were good and not-so-good over the weekend. Saturday we went to Shawn’s niece’s birthday party and had cake and ice cream at 10:30 in the morning. As much as I like cake and ice cream I don’t so much love it at 10:30 in the morning. I had a small sliver of cake and a tiny scoop of ice cream. Then the kids and I stopped at Hideaway Pizza (I used to work there in college – good times, good times) for lunch. After that we headed to the library where I stocked up on books (one of them was Geneen Roth’s Women Food and God – it was just sitting there in the New Release section so I picked it up. I’ll give you my take on it after I read it) and I was feeling so happy and light hearted when we got home. The library makes me happy. Books make me happy. So I settled in with a book (Janet Evanovich’s Seven Up) and then it started…the need for “something” and it went pretty much downhill from there. I noshed all afternoon, but it was a very celebratory kind of noshing. I wasn’t feeling mad or guilty or anxious or anything. It was strange. Is what it was.

Sunday I knew I needed something nourishing and healthy to counteract the effects of Saturday’s Happy Binge. I ate filling, healthy foods and didn’t eat too much all day. I felt pretty good when I went to bed last night, but then the Night of Sharp Toenails started (see first paragraph above).

So that’s where I am today. Did you all have a good weekend? Have you ever had a Happy Binge?



8 thoughts on “Patience, happy binges, & sharp toenails

  1. You KNOW I want a happy binge. I want to stay in bed all day like Shelley, and have a happy binge like you. Yesterday wasn’t exactly a binge (ended up at 1500 calories) I called it a snacky day. Only reason it wasn’t an official binge is because I snackied my way through dinner, and most of the foods I chose were healthy. It just wasn’t balanced.

    Wait…ONE of Shawn’s boats????

    And the sharp toenails? That’s why you’re a mom and I’m not. Sophie gets on and off the bed one time too many and she is IN THE CRATE. (for jill’s readers, Sophie is my dog.)

    1. I should probably clarify that she had one little sharp hangnail thingie that she would not let me pull off, so of course that is what kept poking me all night. Maybe I should crate Mallory? (KIDDING!!!!)

  2. I just wanted to say that if I eat something “bad” but I really wanted it and I really enjoyed it, then I am ok with that. Nothing wrong with a treat. It’s when I eat junk that I didn’t actually want but somehow couldn’t resist, didn’t enjoy it anyway after the first mouthful, was distracted and barely noticed eating it, and then eat so much that I feel physically sick (yet keep eating) – that is when the self-loathing starts.

  3. I’ve indulged happily. I’ve overeaten happily. I haven’t binged happily; there has always been sadness and loss of self (or avoiding self, maybe) associated with a binge. That could be from the definition I put on my binges, though.

    I love your “eleventybillion times!” That and “I have this sinking feeling that he is going to change his mind” — regarding the boat — no pun intended? So, did the deal go through?

    1. Haha!! Gina I didn’t even know I made a pun about the boat!!!! hahahahaha!!! And yes, thankfully the deal went through yesterday afternoon!! yeehaw!! 🙂

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