Hello Campers!

I woke up to 4 inches of snow covering EVERYTHING this morning and while it was beautiful to look at, it wasn’t as lovely to drive in. I got to work okay, but it was slow going. I think if schools are closed, then everyone should get to stay home – that’s just my humble (read: selfish) opinion!

the waterfall and bridge just off my front porch

I made it to Boot Camp last night even though I was 15 minutes late. Being Mother of the Year and all, I forgot to pick up my daughter from Girl Scouts (and the sad part is that it isn’t the first time) so I was really running late. For some reason, I had it in my head that yesterday was Tuesday and did I remember on the drive home from work? No. Did it occur to me pulling into my driveway that it was Wednesday? Nope. It wasn’t until I got home, put my purse and coat away, grabbed a glass of water, hugged my youngest daughter, asked “Where’s Sarah?” to which my youngest replied matter of factly, “oh she’s at Girl Scouts” that I finally remembered that it was, indeed, Wednesday. You have never seen a chubby woman move so fast in your life! Anyway, I did make to Boot Camp and I slogged my way through it and wouldn’t you know it, I pulled my newly healed groin muscle AGAIN. I just don’t think I’m cut out for Boot Camp. Le sigh.

So it’s been a whole 27 hours since the hubs has been gone and already I’m discovering the pros of the situation:

• I don’t have to shave my legs!! At least not as often as I do now – I have a hard time sleeping with little hairs pricking my legs at night, so I’ll shave when it bugs me, but other than that – prolly not.

• Chicken and rice, chicken and couscous, chicken and whatever else I want with it – the hubs is not a big fan of the poultry, so I don’t make it as often I would like. I am excited about trying some new chicken dishes and the kiddos looove chicken. Woohoo!

• It’s a lot easier for me to get up early when he’s not home, so maybe possibly there might be an opportunity to do some early morning yoga or something. Maybe.

• Along those same lines, after the kiddos go to bed, there might be some time for a relaxing before-bed yoga routine as well.

Okay so that’s all I can think of for right now. Have anything to add that I might be missing or not have thought of yet? I might be adding to this list as the days go by – and then just when I’ve gotten to the point where I am blissfully happy with my me-time, he’ll come home and wreck it all!! Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge later.  🙂