Snow and hairy legs

Hello Campers!

I woke up to 4 inches of snow covering EVERYTHING this morning and while it was beautiful to look at, it wasn’t as lovely to drive in. I got to work okay, but it was slow going. I think if schools are closed, then everyone should get to stay home – that’s just my humble (read: selfish) opinion!

the waterfall and bridge just off my front porch

I made it to Boot Camp last night even though I was 15 minutes late. Being Mother of the Year and all, I forgot to pick up my daughter from Girl Scouts (and the sad part is that it isn’t the first time) so I was really running late. For some reason, I had it in my head that yesterday was Tuesday and did I remember on the drive home from work? No. Did it occur to me pulling into my driveway that it was Wednesday? Nope. It wasn’t until I got home, put my purse and coat away, grabbed a glass of water, hugged my youngest daughter, asked “Where’s Sarah?” to which my youngest replied matter of factly, “oh she’s at Girl Scouts” that I finally remembered that it was, indeed, Wednesday. You have never seen a chubby woman move so fast in your life! Anyway, I did make to Boot Camp and I slogged my way through it and wouldn’t you know it, I pulled my newly healed groin muscle AGAIN. I just don’t think I’m cut out for Boot Camp. Le sigh.

So it’s been a whole 27 hours since the hubs has been gone and already I’m discovering the pros of the situation:

• I don’t have to shave my legs!! At least not as often as I do now – I have a hard time sleeping with little hairs pricking my legs at night, so I’ll shave when it bugs me, but other than that – prolly not.

• Chicken and rice, chicken and couscous, chicken and whatever else I want with it – the hubs is not a big fan of the poultry, so I don’t make it as often I would like. I am excited about trying some new chicken dishes and the kiddos looove chicken. Woohoo!

• It’s a lot easier for me to get up early when he’s not home, so maybe possibly there might be an opportunity to do some early morning yoga or something. Maybe.

• Along those same lines, after the kiddos go to bed, there might be some time for a relaxing before-bed yoga routine as well.

Okay so that’s all I can think of for right now. Have anything to add that I might be missing or not have thought of yet? I might be adding to this list as the days go by – and then just when I’ve gotten to the point where I am blissfully happy with my me-time, he’ll come home and wreck it all!! Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge later.  🙂

9 thoughts on “Snow and hairy legs

  1. It dumped on us here too. It took me 2 hours to get home last night (30 min drive).
    Of course our schools are closed too.
    I hate winter if I have to be out in it.

    as for the hubby being gone , its kinda nice sometimes just having the house to yourself. ; )

  2. Oh yeah. I knew it wouldn’t take my little blog buddy too long to discover the joys of having the house to yourself! Of course, you’ve got the kiddos there, but still…anyway, you HAVE to listen to this Lindy Gravelle song “The House.” I could only find this free clip to connect to, but it’ll give you the idea. Just scroll down to ‘The House’ and listen to that clip.

  3. Oh, no! I’m sorry the muscle got pulled, again. That stinks.

    Remember during my last comment I said my husband just left for 5 weeks of training, and we can boo-hoo together? I’m not boo-hoo’ing. He had been home for a month and a half, and I AM SO HAPPY TO NOT HAVE MY TIME MONOPOLIZED ANYMORE — at least for a while, then I’ll miss him, again.

    My husband is a pilot, so I’m used to him being gone. When he’s gone, he’s gone. But when he’s home, HE’S HOME, and all routines are out the door. Rules are bent. He’s a great guy, but I get so much done when he’s gone. I know, I’m awful. Give me a few days to catch up, then I’ll miss him, again.

    I liked the song Debby had a link to. Exactly.

    1. You guys, at the very end of that song, she ends by saying (instead of singing) in a kind of overly sincere voice…’home so soon honey?….missed you.’

      That whole album is my most favorite of hers, in case you are in the mood to buy some music. It has that song ‘I Love My Dog’ on it too, that I love so much.

  4. Jill, I’m a first-time visitor to your blog from Cleveland. I saw a few comments you made on Kitty Kat’s site and decided to click-through. Your advice to her was amazingly honest and I applaud you for that. And I’m enjoying checking out your site too. I hope to stop back more often.


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