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So I feel like I want to talk about the Boot Camp atmosphere. It is not what I expected, and I feel like I am a little out of place there. What I mean is, at BC there is no whining. There is no complaining, bitching, or griping. You don’t hear “I can’t do it” or “this is too hard” from anybody (except me on the first day). In fact, an email was sent out after the first day to all the participants and explicitly said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “Negativity is not allowed – no one wants to hear you whine, so suck it up!”

What?!?  Whining is what I do! I mean, what’s the fun of suffering if you can’t vocalize your pain? I’m kidding (sort of), but really I am surprised at these women. They WANT to do the hard stuff like lunges and mountain climbers. They LIKE sprinting across the gym floor and high stepping their way back. It’s crazy, really. I have never in my life been surrounded by women who don’t agonize their way through a work out. Boot Camp is a totally different mind set than what I’m used to.

Which has led me to do some soul-searching and deep-thinking and damn, it’s no wonder I’m at my highest weight ever. In the last 4 years (since I started this job) I have become very lazy and complacent with my health. I sit at a desk for 40 hours a week and what little exercise I get is from cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry – not a sweat inducing workout at all (at least not the way I do it).  I have become a fat, lazy out of shape working mom/wife. And that’s not a disparaging remark against myself, it’s just fact. I am fat. I am lazy. I am out of shape.


I like this new boot camp way of thinking. I like it that I have sore muscles where I never thought muscle existed before. I like showing my husband the heinous push ups we did in class and challenging him to do more (he always wins).  I like it that I come home sweaty and red-faced.  It’s hard, but it feels good to be doing the right thing. It’s hard not to complain, but I don’t want to be the Negative Nelly in the class, so I’ll keep my mouth shut and just do the best I can.

I really want to keep going with this. I WANT to be healthy, fit, and trim. I’m going to be 40 this year and I really want to get my act together (at least somewhat) and make this a year I don’t regret.


Just to clarify – the email that the instructor sent out was a generic form letter that was from the Summer Boot Camp session. It included a list of 10 Things to Know such as drink plenty of water, bring a mat if you have one, and oh by the way, no whining. So the email was not a result of my whining – the only actual whining I did was to my neighbor. It wasn’t as if  everyone in the class could hear me whine – I’m not that self centered, and don’t want to bring that much attention to myself.  🙂