So, this week has been sort of…crazy? Odd? Painful, but in a good way, but also in a not-good way? Whatevs. Here’s the dealio (and suddenly I’ve turned into a 14 year old girl with my kickin slang):

Monday: Boot Camp!!! Lots of fun, it was. Really I had a good time and since it was the first class I think the instructor went a little easy on us, because I wasn’t so sore the next day. And did I mention that the instructor is my favorite neighbor N?  She is awesome and tons of fun and giggly like me. So that’s a plus.  After Boot Camp, I went home and played on our brand new Wii Fit Plus (that we got for free, sort of, so yay!). I got loads of muscle work in that day – it was a pretty good day on the exercise front, if I do say so myself!  Woo!

Tuesday: Had to elbow my way through kids to get a few minutes on the Wii Fit. As I suspected, I rock at yoga. I have excellent balance according to the trainer who speaks without moving her lips (and that’s not annoying at all – insert sarcasm font here).

Wednesday – Let me back up for a sec – Sunday night I ran out of saline solution for my contacts. I soaked my lenses in some re-lubricating drops that night and all next day. Monday I wore my glasses to work and then after work, went and got some saline solution. Tuesday morning, I rinsed my lenses really well and put in my contacts, which felt a little funny, but not bad. About mid morning, they really started bothering me, so I called my husband to see if he could bring my glasses and contact stuff (case and saline) to me at work. He had already left the house and was in another town, so he couldn’t bring them to me. I ran to a store and bought some more lube for my contacts and thought that maybe they were just dry. I fussed with my contacts for a couple of hours and then the vision in one eye started to get cloudy, like looking through fog or something. I messed with my contacts the rest of the day, but couldn’t take them out until I got home. When I finally got home, I took those contacts out and threw them away, and then realized, it wasn’t my contacts that were cloudy, it was MY EYE.  It burned a little bit, but I had to get to Boot Camp, so even though my eye was kind of swollen and red, I went and worked out anyway and OH MY GRAVY that was one tough workout!! I’m still sore today (Friday), but in a good way. Hurts so good!! Then when I got home, my eye was really starting to bother me, so I flushed it with water and tried to just lay down and close my eye. HOLY CATS, that’s when the pain really set in. I could not close my eye. I was SO tired, but I couldn’t close my eye because it would sting and burn so bad. I said a few prayers (and by prayers I mean relentlessly begging God for mercy) and lo and behold, after a couple of hours He answered my prayer and I was able to situate my eye in such a way that it did not burn and I got a few hours of sleep. Which brings us to…


Thursday:  when I woke up my eye was so dry and tired and swollen and red that I didn’t even bother putting on makeup. Yes, I had to throw out my southern pride and go to work with no make up. It was horrifying, but really I was in so much pain that I didn’t care (much). Trying to drive to work was difficult and dangerous because I couldn’t keep my eyes open well, they were disturbed by the light. Somehow I made it to work, called my eye doc and she said “come right in”. My boss drove me to the doc’s, because clearly I was in no shape and shouldn’t have driven in to work to begin with. I told him I felt like I had been beaten up and he so graciously said “yeah, you kinda look like you’ve been beaten up” – thanks, Boss. Your tact is limitless. Anyway, when I got to the eye doc, she gave me some numbing drops (THANK YOU GOD FOR NUMBING DROPS!!!) and looked at my eye and said I had several tiny scratches on my cornea. OUCH!!!! Doesn’t it make you cringe just thinking about it? Ugh. I was really kind of hoping she would give me a cool pirate eye patch, but no such luck. She did give me 3 different eye drops to put in, which didn’t really start helping until last night.  I had some thick gel eye drops that I put in right before bedtime and when I woke up this morning I felt 150% better!!  Oh happy day! I still didn’t wear makeup to work today but I don’t care – the pain is gone, so I’m a happy camper!!

Friday: Today I have a follow up appointment with my doc, and I’m sure things will be looking a lot better. Also this morning I donated to this cause, because even though money is tight, I still have enough to help someone in need. Won’t you help too? (See what I did there? I’m guilting you into helping, because hey, who can resist a little girl and her need for a goggie?)  Tonight I plan to ground the kids for an hour or so, so I can get a turn on the Wii Fit and get my sweat on. I’m thinking of instituting a Friday night Wii Fit Plus Night at the SassyPear house because it would be more fun and more productive than just sitting around watching TV all night like I usually do. We’ll see how tonight goes.


So that’s been my week. How was yours? Anyone else a big baby like me when it comes to getting hurt? Anyone else tried Boot Camp? Love it? Hate it? Chime in below! 🙂