Christmas Crash


So is anyone else Christmas crashing this week? I always feel a little bit sad after Christmas is over – the high of being with family and seeing the kids open their presents, I hate to see it go. But this is different – I have felt like one big train wreck all week long. I have been weepy, irritable, and just plain TIRED. I think the let-down of the holidays + mountains of sugar + my Lady Time hormones = the Perfect Storm for bitchiness. My poor husband doesn’t know what to do – he gets the brunt of my wrath (or apathy, depending on the day) and he’s just about had it with me. Truth is, I’ve just about had it with me, too.

I’m trying to be compassionate with myself, but man it’s hard. I’ve been able to fend off the emotional effects of this extra weight, but now the physical effects are hitting me. Rolling over in bed is becoming increasingly more difficult. Getting up off the floor after playing with my daughter takes what feels like Herculean effort. Walking a length any longer than that between my office and my car, or my car and the house, has me breathing heavier than usual. This is getting serious.

I’m making plans though – plans to get started getting fit. My husband ordered a Wii Fit Plus from a rewards program he gets through one of his suppliers and it should arrive in about a month. I know, it’s not exactly Ironman training, but for a sedentary gal like myself, it’s a start. Also, my favorite neighbor has been teaching a boot camp class and she has finally gotten the price down low enough that I can attend. She is doing a class that is on Monday and Wednesdays for 4 weeks, and I told her I would do this class with her, so there’s that. I’m also thinking about going back to my yoga class once a week. I really like yoga and I think it does a lot of good for me – physically and mentally.

It’s a start. That’s what I keep telling myself, that something is better than nothing and I have been doing a lot of NOTHING lately. I’ll still have plenty of time to relax in the evenings, but I need to MOVE. I need some activity – something that will get my blood moving and my heart rate up. I hope that all this activity will help my mood and my state of mind.

And if it doesn’t, I may be facing a divorce in the coming year (I’m kidding! I hope.)

Do any of you deal with the Great Holiday Let Down? Does the day after Christmas feel like the saddest day of the year?



7 thoughts on “Christmas Crash

  1. Christmas letdown is the worst. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t absolutely love Christmas. Taking it down seems like a death. We’re putting it off until the weekend. Sigh. That said, the sparseness that’s left after a month of utter disarray feels kind of good too.

  2. You are just going to love the Wii Fit Plus. It is the best especially for a beginner. I started it last year, lost 65 lbs and am still using it. I couldn’t walk for long periods of time, my balance was way off and was so unfit, I didn’t think I could come back. Slowly, I did. You chose your pace, it has balance, aerobics and even yoga. Everything you need esp when the weather outside is bad. NO EXCUSES!! Have fun with it and the time wll go by quickly.

  3. My husband actually tried our Wii Fit before me! (I think it’s the older one, not the plus – got my dad & step-mom’s nearly new Wii system for Christmas.) I still haven’t gotten a chance to try it – maybe this weekend. He said the board is kind of hard, so we’re going to order the cushion for it.

    Well, for me, it’s the day that I go back to work after Christmas holiday, which this year was the 27th. Boo hoo. 😦 Actually, I like Christmas Eve best, it has always seemed more like Christmas to me than the day itself. But yes, I have some post-holiday let-down. In our house, decorations and lights and the like stay up until after New Year’s Day, although I usually push to leave everything up until Epiphany, at least. I’ve gotten more understanding of the rush to New Year’s, but it’s not for me. Sometimes it’s hard to not get cranky about it.

    I’m sorry that you’re getting the “Perfect Storm” of stuff right now, but it sounds like you’ve got a good plan to help. Moving around always makes me feel better; I get super cranky now when I don’t get enough activity. Who knew?

  4. Hey you! Guess where I am? Yep, you’re the only one I can get to from Kawangware, Kenya! Its been crazy so far, in an opposite world kind of way. Tell everybody out there in blogland that you heard from me. (I decided to try you because so far I can’t get through to my email…)

  5. this is really and honestly a big reason Im glad to be Jewish around the holidays.

    hope youre feeling cheerier and ready for some booty kicking in 2011

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