There’s the door

So it seems that in blog land this week, lots of people are (naturally) reflecting on the past year and making resolutions/plans/goals for the coming year, which is great if you are into that kind of thing.

Right now, I am not into that kind of thing.

For one thing, 2010 sucked for me. SUCKED!!!! Lots of stress, anxiety, sadness, craziness all wadded together in one painful year. I am happy to see 2010 go – “See ya 2010! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!”

And I refuse, REFUSE, to make any New Year’s Resolutions/plans/goal because they always come back to bite me in the tail. I’m just not a goal setter nor am I a goal reacher. I don’t need the added pressure of an unattainable goal, and really what’s the point of making a goal you know you’ll reach? So, no goals for moi.

I am going to take this next year one day at a time and hope and pray that I come out on the other side with my health and sanity intact. That’s really all I want.

Where are you on the NYResolution debate? Do NYR help or do you think they set you up for disappointment?


Holy cow! I just realized this is my 500th post!! That’s a whole lot of posts filled with a whole lot of nothing to say!!!  🙂

8 thoughts on “There’s the door

  1. I don’t like to call them resolutions because it brings up the word ‘resolute’ in my mind. And that sounds like drudgery.

    I like goals or things to think about achieving. I need some type of direction for myself. I don’t think badly if I don’t achieve something because it is hard to plan a whole year in advance and stuff happens to change goals all the time (injuries, life events, etc).

  2. Honestly, New Year’s Day is just another day for me. I don’t even stay up anymore for the count-down. I do mini-goals like in the form of a check list for the day (i.e. see that box sitting in the corner for the past year? Goal: clean it out and remove it. Drink more water. Read a book to my kid. Etc.)

    Jan. 1 is arbitrary. Every moment is new.

  3. Im not big on making life changes lists just for a “New Year”.
    I try to live the same way all the time and every once in awhile add a new thing to my regular way of life.less stress,less pressure.

    Miss You

  4. I’m with Gina. January 1 is just another day. If it happens to be June 9 and I need to make a change in my life, do I have to wait for January 1? It seems like it’s too much pressure for what should be just another part of my life.

    1. I think that’s great – you actually MET your goals for the last couple of years, so obviously it works for you!! And I think your resolutions are fun – I put too much drudgery in mine!! 🙂

  5. Well, I’m a bit late to this discussion, but let me just say I’m not one to use the word “resolution” although my “planning” may be indeed just that.

    I don’t necessarily make “resolutions” that are marked at the beginning of a new year. But I am a constant planner and goal setter, especially while losing weight. So my big one for right now is signing up at the gym for a personal trainer to teach me to use weights. It’s not necessarily a resolution but more of just a “I really want to do” kind of thing.

    Was that splitting hairs enough? LOL

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