Off the beaten path


I have no goals. I don’t have any goals to “get me through” the holiday season. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have a timetable, I don’t have an ulterior motive for skipping the desserts.


For this Christmas 2010, I’m not going to plan my foods, or get in some extra exercise. I’m not going to follow any rules for keeping holiday weight gain in check or follow anything that says “lose 10 pounds by New Year’s Eve!”


This year, for this holiday season, I’m going to enjoy myself. Contrary to what you may think, that doesn’t mean I’m going to plant myself face first into the buffet during Christmas dinner. No it actually means that I’m not going to stuff myself silly, because when I am overstuffed, I’m not so much enjoying myself. That feeling is not fun for me anymore, and Pepto is not a good dessert.

So I’m going to eat what I want, when I want, but I won’t be cramming peanut butter balls into my pie hole (candy hole?) for a week. Same goes with all the other Christmas goodies I baked over the weekend. I’ve had a few small pieces here and there, but they are so rich that any more than that and I start to feel ill.

I will partake of all the goodness the season has to offer (food and otherwise) and not feel guilty about any of it.

Do I recommend we all do this? Well, no. If your mojo is strong and you are riding high on the success train, then please stay on track!  If staying away from the pecan pie is a small personal victory for you, then more power to you! I applaud you and your mojo.

But for myself, this season is about ditching the shame, the guilt, the need to “do it right”. This is about me RELAXING. This is about me pushing the weight loss effort aside so I can just be me without the overcoat of “I should”. I can’t do that if I’m freaking out about the calorie count of 3 Christmas cookies.

So forgive me if this offends your sensibilities, but we each have to find our own way. Unfortunately I’m finding that my way is off the beaten path. But really, I kind of like it like that.  😉




8 thoughts on “Off the beaten path

  1. I think our sensibilities need a little offending now and then, especially when misleading sensibilities are so ingrained. I admire the peace you have. I hope you have a great holiday.

    I finally posted about the “Eating for Your Soul” program. Your post today fits right in. My entry doesn’t go into great detail, yet. The next one will explain more.

    (A big holiday hug your way)

  2. Have a fantastic holiday, a great Christmass and a super New Year. Make that unbeaten path your path and own it.

    I hope 2011 brings you only happiness Jill 🙂

  3. Oh I wish I was where you were, Jilly. I am partaking of all the goodness, but with some guilt and quite a bit of fear. If only I would have one or two, and stop. But I keep putting it in until I feel like I do now, like I will never be hungry again. I guess I’ll just climb back on the horse tonight, and hope I don’t fall off again tomorrow.

    1. Debs I’m sure you will be fine. You are very active and as long as you keep eating the good foods you normally eat, you’ll be okay with a little indulgence! Don’t sweat it, sister!!

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