The bubbles…they call to me.

Just a quick to post to say that I’m still around, hanging out and doing my thing. I have to go to Houston tomorrow for a work thing, but I’ll be back on Friday night. If you don’t mind, say a little prayer for safe travels for me, will ya? Thanks.

I’m feeling kind of nervous about leaving the hubs and kiddos. Normally I would be all “WOO HOO! MAMA DOESN’T HAVE TO COOK DINNER FOR 4 WHOLE NIGHTS!!!” but I’m kind of sad about leaving my ducklings. I know the hubs will take very good care of them – he’s extremely capable, but still.  Sort of wish they could all come with me.

But then again, I’m really looking forward to watching TV in a big bed all by myself after taking a hot bubble bath at the hotel.


Aw yeah.


See ya later, sweet taters!!  🙂

7 thoughts on “The bubbles…they call to me.

  1. Is it wrong to say I feel the same way about my dawrgums? But yes, once I get there I enjoy the solitude and the tv and the bubble bath. Have a good time and don’t work too hard. Are you driving or flying?

    1. Hey Debs! The hotel has free internet access so Ican check stuff. Yay!! I flew here. We have a little break until dinner time so I thought I’d come check my email,etc.

      I fly back late Friday night.I hope I can get an earlier flight home but if not, oh well.

  2. Jill, I stopped looking at this blog only to discover that you never post on unfolded laundry anymore. Which one should I check to follow you these days? I miss ya!

    1. Hey Juice – I haven’t been ableto think of anything to post over at Unfolded Laundry – seems I only want to talk about weight/health stuff! You can follow me here and if I post anything over at UL I’ll link to it from here. 🙂

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