I did it.  I walked last night after work and here’s a couple of pictures of the lake where I walked just to prove it.



I often have great intentions, but don’t always follow through on what I say I’m going to do, so this is just to prove to myself that I am capable of following through and making it happen.

Due to a dentist appointment and Voting Day, I won’t get to walk tonight, and tomorrow is Grocery Store Day, so tomorrow won’t happen either. Thursday is open, and maybe Friday – not sure yet if I can work that one in. Saturday morning is up for grabs, so I will definitely try to get a walk in then.  After this weekend, it’s going to get dark around here at 5:30 in the evening (thanks Daylight Saving Time!) so walking after work outdoors is going to be difficult. Guess I’ll have to just limit outdoor walking to weekends.  😦


Can we talk about Halloween candy just for a moment?  I have 3 kids – a 13 year old boy, a 10 year old daughter, and a 5 year old daughter.  Guess who has eaten the most Halloween candy? None of them – it’s been ME.  They don’t seem to be held under the same spell that I am when it comes to the bountiful harvest of Halloween treats.  Even on Halloween night, they didn’t dig in and eat candy until they were sick, no, they dumped out their bags and they sorted the candy into different piles, they traded candy with each other, they built little forts out of the DOTS boxes (the most worthless candy in the world, IMHO),  they threw candy at one another from across the room…they did everything with that candy except inhale it like I expected them to.  They ate a few pieces, sure, but they didn’t go crazy with it like I wanted to. I grabbed a few of my favorites (Whoppers, anyone?) but I made myself stay out of their bags for the most part.


No one in the house except for me seems to have a problem with it.

Which leads me to wonder, as the primary grocery shopper in the family, how much of my “issues” do I subject my family to? For example, I have a hard time paying $4 for a bag of oranges, yet when I see Oreos on sale for 2 for $5 I think “wow that’s a good deal!”  But it’s not a good deal.  It’s a sucky deal.  I buy cookies and snacks because I think “the kids want them” but do they?  Would they be just as happy with yogurt and homemade banana bread? Or apples and peanut butter?  Maybe we’ll find out this week when I go grocery shopping…

Anyway, back to the candy…after eating at least 10 pieces last night I suddenly thought “the candy doesn’t love you back, Jill”.  It sort of jolted me out of my binge and I realized that eating the candy wasn’t making me happy, it was making me sad.  So I stopped and haven’t had any since then. Of course I’m at work today, so it’s easy to avoid it. Maybe I’ll be able to keep myself busy tonight so I won’t be tempted.  I hope.

How are you all dealing with the Halloween Candy Aftermath? How do you alter your workouts when the weather changes? Chime in in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Proof

  1. I so hear you. it’s amazing the pull HFCS has ! (not kidding either)

    however I JUST did a stint of super low carb and low low sugars right up to Halloween, and after no more then 3 or 4 mini candy bars I wanted to BARF.

    I enjoyed them, enjoyed a homemade cupcake more …and was done. It was absolutely the least amount of sugar I’ve ever consumed at Halloween EVER.

    and NOW at the office candy is showing up. it’s not calling me like it normally does (AND it’s that time of month (tmi) so for sure I thought I’d devour it…(but explains the last two days)

    my kids ate some but not that much either. YAY.

    great job on the walk…lucky you get a lake nearby!
    Happy November

  2. Jill — I’ve missed reading your posts. I’ve got them lined up in my inbox waiting for me…

    I dreaded last year’s Halloween. A couple of years ago I had to turn off the porch light in the beginning of the night because I binged on the candy and ate IT ALL. Other times I’ve had to do a candy run a day before because I ate the stash. This year I passed out Halloween pencils and rubber mice instead of candy. The trick-or-treaters seemed to like the mice — no eggs were thrown at the house.

    My son (10) is home from school today because he O.D.’ed on candy — he was so sick yesterday (I’m keeping him home just in case it was a virus making him ill). I wish I had taken a picture of him at his “finest” and its results to remind him (and all of us) how bad too much junk makes us feel. 🙂 My other two (9 and 5) pace themselves nicely and happily shared their loot with Danny and me. My son, on the other hand, had a sign on his that read “Do Not Touch!”

    Does speed-shopping count for walking? Walk quickly down the isles and jog in place while selecting your item? No? jk

  3. Ooo, Jill! Pretty place to go walking you have there!

    You might not be able to get in the full 30 minutes those days, but what about 15 minutes? Or 10? Is your office in a part of town where you’d feel comfortable doing a 5 minutes out, then 5 minutes back before you go in or during lunch? Sometimes it’s not even the length of time but the doing a little something helps keeps the habit going. (Easy for she who really could squeeze in 5 or 10 minutes with her hand weights at home a couple of times of week but doesn’t right now. I know better, but it’s too easy to get into the “only x minutes is not a proper workout” mindset.)

  4. No candy here. No trick or treaters. i just don’t buy candy too much. I keep dark chocolate bars and/or chips in the house. Not saying I don’t ever binge, just not on mini candy bars in the house. Very specific, huh. Because when I was typing that I remembered the mini candy bars that show up at work sometimes.

    Okay. Just saying, for me the only way to ‘handle’ candy is to avoid it/keep it off limits for the most part. Remember that it is full of stuff that will make me want more/leave me feeling defeated and desolate and unsatisfied. And might turn me into a diabetic stroke victim. Just saying…

  5. I’ve had 12 pieces of candy since Thursday, all deliberate. We are bringing in candy to work tomorrow to donate to the Troops. If it wasn’t for weigh-in tomorrow I could see tonight being bad as we are deciding how much candy to save for my daughter. I may pull out 2-4 pieces. Maybe. But I know I shouldn’t.

  6. I adore the idea of the photos to PROVE TO YOU that you can follow through on intentions.
    me? Id print frame and place prominently in domicile too 🙂

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