Walk on, girl, walk on.

So let’s just skip the tales of the candy carnage and move right into today, shall we?

I feel like I have woken up from an 8 month binge. There have been certain stressful situations that have happened in the year 2010 that I would like to forget; that I have reacted to by comforting myself in the most familiar of ways. As a result, I have gained 20 pounds in this year and now my eyes are fully open, I can see the extent of the damage.

It ain’t pretty. And I’m not even talking about the physical pretty – the emotional/mental pretty is what I’m talking about.

I’ve been in a funk the last few days. A candy/pizza/Lady Time-fueled funk that was sending me into a downward spiral – the kind of spiral that’s so hard to climb out of, but since last night was Ye Olde Night of Tricks or Treats, I was forced into the Great Outdoors to do some walking with the goblins. And I realized that walking outside in the cool 65 degree weather was EXACTLY what I needed. Fresh air, movement, being with my kiddos – all made me really, REALLY happy.

No, this isn't me. Cool pic, though, huh?


I also had a talk with my BFF and was telling her some of this – how I’m finding it hard to work out lately, blah, blah, blah and she finally said, “Jill, at our age, it’s about HEALTH. It’s time to put that big dog on a leash and show it who’s boss.” And with my Halloween walk fresh in my mind, I decided that I could maybe take some time during the week to JUST WALK. To enjoy the privilege of being outside and being able to walk would do my physical, emotional, and mental state some good, I think. So I packed a bag of comfy clothes and tennis shoes, my mp3 player, and after work today I’m going to go to the park and walk for about 30 minutes or so. I even rescheduled my hair appointment so I wouldn’t have an excuse to miss it. Looking at my schedule this week, I think I can get in 3 or 4 walks, which would thrill me to death if I can get all of them in, but even if I can get in only a couple, well that’s better than no walks at all, right?

I have to set my ego aside, and not worry about that fact that I think I SHOULD be running or training for something big. Why do I think that walking is weenie-workout? When I lost weight a couple of years ago, it was mostly due to the fact that I was WALKING every day for 30 minutes. I’m at the same weight now as I was when I started out then, so why not start walking again? It sort of seems like the natural place to start.

So I will continue to move forward and even if I’m taking the tiniest of steps at least it will be in the right direction.



5 thoughts on “Walk on, girl, walk on.

  1. You really hit on a good idea! Any kind of exercise is great and walking is NOT a weenie workout, it gets your body going again and gives your mind the peace you need. If you want more zip, add some hills but any kind of steps are good ones, even baby steps. Kudos on your decision.

  2. Yeah, after doing a 5K at a really brisk, race-walking-waddle pace and then having aching glutes for days afterward, I’d have to concur with dsbride that walking is NOT a weenie workout. When I get burned out on high-intensity activities, or life gets too crazy for big ol’ long, sweaty workouts, I do a lot more walking. I love it, too. I like that walking can be as leisurely or as intense (for example, by adding speed-walking intervals) as I want it to be.

    Walking also has some great, non-weight loss benefits. I found it to be very effective in lowering my blood glucose levels when I did the “big blue test” last year. (After walking only 14 minutes at a brisk but not race-walking pace, it went from 95 – which is high-normal – to 70, which is borderline low.)

  3. Walking is wonderful for the body and mind. Really! It has helped me to stay at 130lbs since high school 11 years ago. It clears my head and helps me somehow to make better food choices. If all you have time for is a walk, you’ll be “miles ahead” of many, MANY people!!!

  4. I like your BFF–health is the big dog, isn’t it? And walking is not for wienies. (although Sophie would disagree har har!) The majority of people in the National Weight Control Registry who have maintained a weight loss for a long time–the vast majority use walking as their exercise. And there is also evidence (somewhere) that walking is just as good exercise as running. My thing is that it takes a lot longer.

    Anyway, this time of year I am LOVING walking. And another thing I like to do sometimes is to watch the scenery go by–sometimes it seems like its going by really quickly, which makes me think/realize that I am walking quickly.

    I wonder if we could plan some virtual walks together–like Shelley does with her friend Matt. Would that mean I would have to learn how to text? I am text-impaired.

  5. Walking is such a boost for me, too — even if it’s just for 10 minutes. When I walk, I somehow want to eat better, drink more water, be more active in other things during the day. When I injured my foot and couldn’t walk, I got so down, ate worse, and just felt blahhhh.

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