Super productive even without the pie

Pumpkin Pie from a *real* pumpkin.

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Hello Gang!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was okay – I cooked for 8 people and then got up the next morning and did some Black Friday shopping and am now approx. 75% finished with my Christmas shopping.  My goal is to be completely finished by the 15th so that I can enjoy the rest of the month making cookies with my kids and watching Charlie Brown Christmas and Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life instead of stressing about how much I still have to do.  That’s the plan anyway.

Like my post title implies, I have been very productive lately.  The Christmas shopping was just the start. I also dragged out all of the Christmas decorations and got the tree up and decorated as well. I also finished AND mailed my Pay It Forward gifts (finally!) and also mailed the coupons for the PopChips giveaway.  Work has been crazy since we are implementing a new data entry system tomorrow and my location is going to be the first to go live with it, so I’ve been actually working while I’m at work.  All of this is to say that unfortunately when life gets busy, blogging gets forgotten.

My weight…is holding steady at 180 pounds. I didn’t lose or gain over the holiday. One reason is that I had a wicked cold and just didn’t have much of an appetite, plus the dessert-bringer for Thanksgiving only brought desserts that I didn’t particularly care for.  *Holiday rant in 3…2…1…

When you ask me what desserts to bring, and I tell you that I am really looking forward to pumpkin pie, please…for the love of all things good and beautiful, bring me a pumpkin pie! DO NOT bring me some fancy 3 layer pumpkin cream cheese fluffy thing that only YOU like. I’m a texture gal – I love the texture of pumpkin pie, and I feel totally cheated that I did not get any pumpkin pie on the ONE holiday of the year that celebrates said pie. And no, I’m not going to go buy one or make one now because now it’s too late. I don’t want it now. So there.  Rant over.*

You can be for damn sure that next year, there will be pumpkin pie. Oh yes, there will be pie.

In other news…I have no other news. Really there just isn’t a whole lot going on that I feel the need to blog about. About which I feel the need to blog. I know the second sentence is grammatically correct, but it feels foreign to say it that way. Sorry grammar nazies. Is the plural of Nazi, Nazies? Or is it just Nazis? Personally I don’t they deserve any extra letters at all, so I’m sticking with Nazis. Damn Nazis.

Yeah, anyway, I need to get back to work. The boss will be back any minute and my new 22″ monitor that I just got for the new data entry system (I don’t know why they sent me a new monitor, but hey, I’ll take it!)  doesn’t hide things very well at all.  I’m totally going to have to rearrange my desk so that only I can see my monitor. Sneaky sneaky!!  Okay, so anyway this is me getting back to work.

Later taters!




PopChips are chipalicious!

Okay so waaaay back in September, I got the opportunity to try some PopChips. I had heard about them on other blogs, but since they are not offered in my area, I had never partaken of the chippy goodness.  I was sent several different types to try:

they even included a chip clip!


– from original plain to salt and vinegar, and you bet your sweet patootie that I tried each one several times.

I think that out of the seven different flavors – Original, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Black Pepper, Sour Cream and Onion (or was it chive?), Cheddar, and Sea Salt – my favorites were (drum roll please)

salty and vinegary - yum!


I'm an original!



I don’t know how they make these chips – they say they aren’t fried or baked,  so what else is there? Pressure cooker?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that these things are as addictive as regular chips.  A definite trigger food for me, so it’s lucky I can’t get them all the time. These would be great though if you are having a party or just want a crispy snack.  I liked them and would probably buy them, especially if I had a coupon, which luckily for you all, I just happen to have a few coupons to give away! (Nice segue, huh?!)

Yes, kiddos, I have TWO sets of coupons to send to TWO lucky winners !  Each winner will get:

1) Coupon for a Free Bag

1) Coupon for Buy One Get One Free Bag

1) $1 Off a Bag of Popchips


If you want to be entered, leave a comment below. That’s all you have to do. I’ll take entries until midnight Friday 11/26/10, and then the winner will be selected via the Random Number Generator. Or I’ll have one of my kids pull your name out of a hat, whichever I feel like. I’ll email the winners and they will have one week to get me their address then I will put the coupons in the mail. These coupons expire on 12/31/10 so you need to get me your email asap if you are a winner.  Okiedokie?!

Let the comment floodgates open!


(oh yeah, FTC, these PopChips were sent to me to try for free. The giveaway for coupons is my idea since I can’t use them in my area. Anything else you want to know?)

Lessons from a business trip

I made it back from Houston safe and sound.  I learned a lot and there are going to be some big changes at the ole workplace – some good and some not so good and some that only time will tell.

Anyway, while I was holed up in my hotel room taking bubble baths and NOT watching Disney Channel (it was pure bliss!) I learned a few things about myself:

  • I like to eat alone.  Going to dinner with colleagues was okay the first night, but what I really wanted was to just eat in my room. I went along though just to be sociable. Also, after the first day, I would get up early and go down to the free breakfast, load up on whatever I wanted to eat that day (usually it was english muffin with cream cheese and juice) and take it back to my room where I would eat at a little table and watch the morning news. I just wanted to eat in solitude and not have to make small talk over rubbery eggs. Is that weird?
  • I discovered I really really like tea. I started drinking hot tea when I realized that I was just eating out of boredom. I would drink like 3 cups of herbal tea per night – most of them were decaf and I would put in a little honey – SO wonderful!
  • As much as I complain about being so busy at home and never having any time to myself, the truth is, I missed the chaos that having a husband and 3 kids brings.  That first night in my hotel room, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was bored out of my mind.
  • I learned that a hotel vending machine is kind of expensive and very dangerous. There were several times I went and stood in front of it with my dollar bill in hand and contemplated the pros and cons of peanut M&Ms.  Sometimes the pros won, sometimes the cons won.
  • I learned that I am sick of eating restaurant food. I am so puffy from all the salt and fat that it’s going to day a 55 gallon drum of water to get rid of all the sodium in my system.  For lunch today I had a simple sandwich – and I was damn happy to have it!


I’m happy to be back home with my people. I have a lot to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, so I should probably get off the computer and get busy. I have a lot of catching up to do on my Google Reader and I also need to post a couple of reviews and giveaways here.  And I have not forgotten to mail my Pay It Forward gifts, just haven’t had a chance to make it to the post office during business hours.  Lots to do, lots to do!!

Have a great week ya’ll!   🙂



The bubbles…they call to me.

Just a quick to post to say that I’m still around, hanging out and doing my thing. I have to go to Houston tomorrow for a work thing, but I’ll be back on Friday night. If you don’t mind, say a little prayer for safe travels for me, will ya? Thanks.

I’m feeling kind of nervous about leaving the hubs and kiddos. Normally I would be all “WOO HOO! MAMA DOESN’T HAVE TO COOK DINNER FOR 4 WHOLE NIGHTS!!!” but I’m kind of sad about leaving my ducklings. I know the hubs will take very good care of them – he’s extremely capable, but still.  Sort of wish they could all come with me.

But then again, I’m really looking forward to watching TV in a big bed all by myself after taking a hot bubble bath at the hotel.


Aw yeah.


See ya later, sweet taters!!  🙂

Fear the Blog Reaper

Hey all!  Life has been kinda busy lately but I’ve got a few minutes so, here I am!

So the other day I finally broke down and bought a couple pairs of jeans. They were size 16. You know what? I don’t freaking care what size they are, they are comfortable!! There is nothing more irritating than wearing jeans that are too stinking tight. I’m not talking about jeans that are a little snug (Debby and Vickie I’m looking at you), but when a pair of jeans has the power to ruin your whole day because you are so self conscious in your too-tight jeans, well then sisters, it’s time to buy a new pair that FIT. I’ve gotten so many compliments on these jeans in the last week that I keep asking myself why I waited so long.  And did I mention that I bought a couple new tops as well? So I’m sporting the “walk” these days – you know that swagger you get when you are feeling fine? Yeah, that’s me, sashaying all over the place in my threads. All I can say is, thank God for bigger sizes!

I’ve got a couple of product reviews and some giveaways (!) coming up – I just need to find the time to sit down and write out the reviews. I always procrastinate on things like this, but I’m working on NOT procrastinating so much, so I hope to have these banged out by this weekend. So keep checking back for the opportunity to win something (see what I did there? I’m keeping you in suspense so you’ll come back and read my blog! Ooooh, I’m so crafty!!)

These days I’m feeling…neutral, which is a lot better than I’ve been feeling these last 8 months or so. I’m on my way back out of the hole, slowly but surely.  I’m just kind of going with the flow lately – eating what sounds good, and what sounds good is not pizza and candy,amazingly enough, but fresh veggies and nourishing foods. So that’s weird for me, but hey, I’ll take it. Same with exercise – I do it when I can, but I’ve stopped obsessing about how I”m NOT working out like I think I “should”. Going with the flow, folks – I highly recommend it.

I’m working on some things right now with my food etc, but I don’t want to post it here because of the The Blog Curse. After a few days I’ll let you know, but right now I’m keeping mum. I’m also doing this because I want to start writing about what I’ve DONE instead of what I INTEND to do, because I’m not always so good with the following-through-with-my-intentions thing. So I have to save up some stuff so I can say “hey look what I did!”.

I think that I am the Black Plague of Blog Death – just when I find a blog that I really love, that blogger inevitiably says “I think I need to take a blogging break”. This has happened at least 3 times in the last few weeks. One of those bloggers is Mish at Eating Journey (I can so identify with her struggles!) and another one is Confessions of a Compulsive Eater. The third one is The Diet Naked Blog. I’m not kidding, within weeks of finding these blogs, they have all checked out.  So if I read your blog regularly, you might want to be careful. Apparently I am the Grim Reaper of Blogs.  Sorry.

Hello, my name is Jill and I will be taking your blog today.


Okay well, that’s all the rambling I can come up with today. Any one else find and then lose a great blog lately? It sucks, doesn’t it?  😦




I did it.  I walked last night after work and here’s a couple of pictures of the lake where I walked just to prove it.



I often have great intentions, but don’t always follow through on what I say I’m going to do, so this is just to prove to myself that I am capable of following through and making it happen.

Due to a dentist appointment and Voting Day, I won’t get to walk tonight, and tomorrow is Grocery Store Day, so tomorrow won’t happen either. Thursday is open, and maybe Friday – not sure yet if I can work that one in. Saturday morning is up for grabs, so I will definitely try to get a walk in then.  After this weekend, it’s going to get dark around here at 5:30 in the evening (thanks Daylight Saving Time!) so walking after work outdoors is going to be difficult. Guess I’ll have to just limit outdoor walking to weekends.  😦


Can we talk about Halloween candy just for a moment?  I have 3 kids – a 13 year old boy, a 10 year old daughter, and a 5 year old daughter.  Guess who has eaten the most Halloween candy? None of them – it’s been ME.  They don’t seem to be held under the same spell that I am when it comes to the bountiful harvest of Halloween treats.  Even on Halloween night, they didn’t dig in and eat candy until they were sick, no, they dumped out their bags and they sorted the candy into different piles, they traded candy with each other, they built little forts out of the DOTS boxes (the most worthless candy in the world, IMHO),  they threw candy at one another from across the room…they did everything with that candy except inhale it like I expected them to.  They ate a few pieces, sure, but they didn’t go crazy with it like I wanted to. I grabbed a few of my favorites (Whoppers, anyone?) but I made myself stay out of their bags for the most part.


No one in the house except for me seems to have a problem with it.

Which leads me to wonder, as the primary grocery shopper in the family, how much of my “issues” do I subject my family to? For example, I have a hard time paying $4 for a bag of oranges, yet when I see Oreos on sale for 2 for $5 I think “wow that’s a good deal!”  But it’s not a good deal.  It’s a sucky deal.  I buy cookies and snacks because I think “the kids want them” but do they?  Would they be just as happy with yogurt and homemade banana bread? Or apples and peanut butter?  Maybe we’ll find out this week when I go grocery shopping…

Anyway, back to the candy…after eating at least 10 pieces last night I suddenly thought “the candy doesn’t love you back, Jill”.  It sort of jolted me out of my binge and I realized that eating the candy wasn’t making me happy, it was making me sad.  So I stopped and haven’t had any since then. Of course I’m at work today, so it’s easy to avoid it. Maybe I’ll be able to keep myself busy tonight so I won’t be tempted.  I hope.

How are you all dealing with the Halloween Candy Aftermath? How do you alter your workouts when the weather changes? Chime in in the comments!