Ghost Milk

Here’s a little something creepy for your Halloween pleasure…


About a month ago, I got up one Saturday morning and got the milk out of the fridge. I poured a glass and then set the milk on the counter. I kept hearing this “pop” sound every few seconds. I saw what it was and grabbed my camera and took this short video:


It did this for at least 3 whole minutes.  Creepy, no?


Can someone explain this? Or is it something from The Other Side?!?!?  (not to be confused with The Far Side – although I love me some Gary Larson)

Happy Halloween y’all!!

15 thoughts on “Ghost Milk

  1. you wrote beautifully on Laura’s blog
    wanted you to know you did a really good job

    and with milk jug – obviously gas, but I have no idea why, will ask my husband and college science boy (oldest is now 20 and a junior!)

    1. Thank you Vickie – I appreciate that!

      And yes, I figured it must be air or something in the milk jug, but I was surprised at how long it lasted!

  2. Wow…that is pretty freaky. I have no idea what would have caused gas in a milk jug like that.

    Kind of reminds me of the ghost oven experience I had. I was making a fancy pork roast (Mr. Handsome-and-Handy and I had just started dating, and it was my first time cooking for him). It had been in the oven for a little while, when all of a sudden the door of the oven opened nearly all the way *by itself*, then slammed shut. Talk about creepy! The only thing I can think of was that there was madiera wine on the roast, so maybe the vaporized alcohol had to escape? (It turned out beautifully, by the way, and impressed Mr. H&H, although he didn’t really care for the dried fruit bits I’d rolled up into the roast.)

    1. Okay PG – now I’m officially freaked!!!

      One time I was sitting in my living room, which opens up to the kitchen and a loaf of bread fell off the top of the fridge and landed several feet away on the floor. No one had been in the kitchen for several minutes. I was sufficiently freaked out for awhile after that!

  3. yeah…ghosts! they just had a cookie and needed some milk.

    this particular ghost was not proficient at milk lid popping yet (as you can see)

    cool you got a video of it

    and Pubsgal???
    I would have MOVED OUT if that had happened to me! hahaha

  4. What was the expiration date on that milk?? That creeped me out! And Pubsgal’s story–I am scared of ghosts! And clowns (see Jack Handy quote on Juice’s blog.)

    1. The milk was fresh and it was only about half empty. Milk doesn’t have time to expire in my house – we go through at least 4 gallons a week!

      And no, thank heavens, no costume construction this year!!!

      1. Hey, you know how they always say cows are producing too much gas for our atmosphere? Maybe that was a particularly ‘gassy’ cow! You can see I don’t want the answer to be that there are ghosts!

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