The Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina
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Thanks for all your kind words about my last post. Friday was a super bad day – lots of emotions running way high, ready to overflow at any minute except that I didn’t have the time or the privacy to really let it go.  Writing that post helped a bit, I think.

Anyway, remember how I said that gaining 15 pounds was no big deal? Well, apparently gaining  18 pounds is HUGE deal for me.  I’m up to 173 and I’ve been freaking out.  I am fat. That’s just a fact – I have amassed large amounts of fat all over my body. My legs are heavy, my face is round, and lets not even talk about how from behind I look exactly like my matronly mother.


But I don’t have time to hyperfocus on that right now because tomorrow the hubs and I are going south.  We are heading to South Carolina for my best friend’s wedding – we are making the 16 hour drive because I haven’t seen my BFF in over 5 years and I need some SisterFriend time!! She is getting married under the Angel Oak Tree and then we will head to the reception where much wine will be imbibed! I’m not looking forward to the drive, but I think it will be good for the hubs and I to spend some time together. Flying was going to be hugely expensive (over $1000 for the two of us), and I’ve been told that it’s a perfect time to drive because Autumn in the south is a sight to behold.  So we will pack a cooler with some snacks, some tunes, and lots of magazines and we will head on down the road! I just thought I should let you know so that Debby doesn’t think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth and send out a search party (which I totally appreciate, btw)!  😉

Okay well I’ve got lots to do to get ready – those bags aren’t going to pack themselves!  Have a good week.  🙂

PS. That picture up there is where D is getting married. Beautiful, no?