Epic Fail
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So….apparently along with The Blog Curse, there is also a Challenge Curse.

Four days. Out of TEN.

That’s all I did. I failed my own stupid Ten Day Wake Up and Work Out Challenge. FAILED! Because I’m a failure. At challenges.

Do I have any good excuses? No. Hell no. I just didn’t want to get up at 5:30 in the morning to work out. I wanted to sleep instead and that’s what I did. Oh, and to add some salt to that wound, I had plenty of opportunities to work out in the evenings if I wanted to, but you know what I did instead? I watched Billy the Stupid Exterminator, and Steven Seagal:  Stupid Lawman, and American Stupid Pickers, and Stupid Pawn Stars. Apparently seeing all these people making their livings was more important than increasing my fitness and health.  Stupid A&E and stupid History Channel. I suck. TV sucks. Everything sucks.

Major suckage.

So, I give myself a D grade for this challenge. Which is passing, but barely. Really it should be called Failing Plus. I give myself a Failing Plus grade for this challenge.

I think that in the future, I’m going to start writing about things AFTER they happen. Like I could have written, “hey guys! Guess what I did? I made a challenge for myself to work out for 5 days and I did 4 days, so YAY ME!!” See, that way no one would know what a TOTAL WORKOUT LOSER I AM. Because even though I might have good intentions, you know where good intentions lead? That’s right – TO HELL.  So I’m keeping my intentions to myself from now on.

And please don’t try to bolster me with pity or sympathetic pats on the back because really? I don’t feel deserving of that. And I think I’m going to try something else, but I’m not going to tell you all because THE ROAD TO HELL and all. I’ll just let you all know next week if it works or not.

After I get done watching the entire line up of timesuck on A&E.