I missed my blogiversary!

I just noticed today that I missed my Blogiversary by almost 2 weeks!!  I started the Pear 3 years ago as a way to chronicle my journey with IE.  Since that time I have done everything under the sun and nearly 3 years later, I have come full circle. I am at almost the same weight I was when I started this blog, and I am once again dabbling in a form of IE because I cannot deal with dieting.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe I don’t learn from past failures/successes. Maybe I need to go back a reread my history and actually learn something from it. I mean isn’t that why have history? So we won’t make the same mistakes over and over?

But maybe my journey goes in a spiral, instead of a line.  Maybe I have to come back a visit these old attempts to learn something new.  I don’t know really, I just know that whenever I try to stop blogging, I always come back for more. There’s something very therapeutic about writing it all down here.

And yeah I’ll admit that sometimes I write for my “audience”, but mostly I write because it gives me confidence. Even if I can’t do anything else, at least I can write a coherent post!

So what do I want from this next year of blogging?  I just want to be able to get a handle on my eating. I wan’t to be able to figure out a way to work out consistently  that fits in with my life. That’s it. That’s all I really want from this blog. So maybe I need to start blogging on my eating experiments and my work out attempts? Could it work? Who knows.

I know I say this every year (and sometimes more often than that), but if it weren’t for you who read this blog, I would probably be 200 pounds and very lonely.  You all have given me the gift of friendship, support, and laughs when I needed it the most. You all are the real reason I keep blogging – I would miss you too much if I stopped!! So thank you for all you have done for me – you will never really know how important it is!!


8 thoughts on “I missed my blogiversary!

  1. Happy Belated Blogiversary. After 2 years of blogging about weight loss I was still gaining but the last year has seen some progress. Keep working at it because for every failed attempt we learn something for the next round. Keep fighting for it – we’ll figure it out eventually as long as we never give up the fight.

    Cheers to 3 years of blogging 😉

  2. Yes — what MB said.

    October will be my 1-yr blogiversary, and I weigh more now than I did then.

    I have to say, though, I’ve learned a lot and am not giving up. Habits are hard to change and have a gravitational pull, one little mood swing and BAM! we are spiraling down again.

    Positive changes build on positive changes, and each one is a step up. (Hmmm….maybe I’ll post that — LOL). We’ll get there (and hopefully each visit will be longer ).

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! I am ever so glad I found your blog and that we have become good friends.

    And what’s up with me? I check your blog ninety gazillion times a day, and then all of a sudden there are two blog entries and I am behind?

  4. Happy Belated Blogiversary! I always miss mine…don’t even think about it. Which of course makes me LAME.
    If it helps, you’ve said and done a lot of things to help me in my own dieting struggles. There have been many times that you’re posted about food and exercise and it’s been enough to get me back on the wagon.
    Thank you for that. My 60 pounds lighter body (and mind) thanks you!

  5. Happy Blogiversary!!! Glad I’m not *too* late to the party! 🙂

    It’s funny, when I go back to read old posts…how in some ways, I’m still dealing with the same old stuff. But I think you’re right, progress isn’t always a linear thing.

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