Invoking the curse

I’m sorta scared to post for fear of invoking The Curse. You know The Curse, right? The Blog Curse – the curse that comes when you post about how great you are doing and things are swimming along just fine and then the next day BAM! It all goes to heck. You start eating Twinkies and forgoing your workouts so you can watch Jerry Springer. Yeah, THAT curse.


So for the next paragraph I’m going to tell you the opposite of how I’m doing because I’m superstitious like that.

Ahem. So things are rough right now. I’m just so confused and I’m learning absolutely nothing from Karly’s course Untangled. I feel awful – the worst I’ve felt in a long time. Boo hoo, woe is me!!

Okay never mind. Opposite blogging is too confusing, so curse be damned! I’m going to tell you what’s really going on. I’m actually in a really good place right now. I’m learning a lot about some of the false beliefs I have held for a long time and trying s l o w l y to change those beliefs. I’m feeling pretty good and mostly happy. Oh, and I’ve been getting plenty of sleep – which is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Still doing yoga once a week, trying to fit in the Zumba class but it’s held at a time that doesn’t fit in to my schedule very well, so I’m hoping they add another class. All in all I’m good.

I thought I should post some recent pictures because I don’t want everyone to think that I still look the same as my picture to the right over there. Fifteen pounds goes all over, ya know? So here’s what I looked like about 7 hours ago:

I was cracking myself up trying to take this pic.

And here’s a face shot, cause, I don’t know it just seemed necessary:

My phone is super cute, but the camera sucks.

And while I was in the bathroom trying to take the above picture, I noticed that my curls were especially luscious today. I took a picture of them because I love them so much. I love my curly hair.

It's curlicious!!

It amazes me that my hair curls like this all on its very own. Crazy what the hormones can do!

So anyway, that’s about it for me. Really not much going on. For the six of you who read this rag, when you don’t hear from me, it usually means that things are fine. When things are not going well, I dump it all out here on the blog. Lucky you. Guess that’s why I only have six readers!  😉

8 thoughts on “Invoking the curse

    1. Veggies and I are not particularly close. I’d like to get more intimate, but it’s a slow process. So, no I’m not the best person to ask when it comes to cooking veggies (or anything else for that matter!).

  1. Oh, mercy, you are funny! And I DO know up close and personal about The Curse. My downward spiral with my digestion started just about the birthday of my blog. Your hair is gorgeous, and the 15 pounds look quite nice on you. Yay for the good times!

  2. Yes, can I second what Jenny said: Your hair is gorgeous, and the 15 pounds look quite nice on you. Yay for the good times!

    You do sound very much like you are on the right track to healthy thinking AND healthy living.

  3. You’re looking great, and your hair is some kind of gorgeous! (And do you have any idea how refreshing it is to hear someone with curly hair *appreciate* that gift?)

    Glad things are going well! Your Zumba and yoga classes sound wonderful!

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