Just freakin’ lovely.

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Hey – guess who showed up over 2 weeks late with her big bag of cramps? That’s right…my Lady Time arrived today and she has got an AT.TI.TUDE!!! Oh, and to make it even better, I have nary a sanitary napkin* or any other product of feminine hygiene. Lovely.

It’s a damn good thing this is a 3 day weekend.

*Why is it called a  sanitary napkin? It’s neither sanitary nor a napkin. Discuss.

(These are the hard-hitting subjects we tackle here at the Pear. Everything you don’t care about and really didn’t want to know.)

6 thoughts on “Just freakin’ lovely.

  1. (still laughing — gotta show that to Danny)

    “Sanitary napkins” — I haven’t heard them called that since the awkward junior high “Becoming a Woman” class lecture about puberty.

    I can’t believe marketing execs named that thing the iPad. You KNOW someday technology will come up with the wiiPad (yes, I just made that up).

  2. Oh, mercy! You are SO funny. More than anything else right now what I needed most was a laugh, and I got it from you. I read an old post that you wrote on my rather pathetic looking newish blog. So I came over here to thank you. It was in July, and maybe I already thanked you. I don’t guess it hurts to still appreciate you. 🙂

  3. *Ahem*
    I think they’re called sanitary napkins because like, a billion years ago, women used to use actual fabric napkins when they had their period, which they had to soak, wash, dry and re-use. Or they would use old rags (hence the term “I’m on my rags”). I suppose the word sanitary is there because the general idea is to keep your lady parts clean and free from germs.
    That is my educated assumption. 🙂

    Girl in Baggy Greens

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