Zumba crowd
Image by Cimm via Flickr

Oh my gosh y’all – Zumba was so much fun last night!!! It was the first class being offered at this gym and I guarantee there were 100+ people there – it was packed!! I went by myself since my buddy T couldn’t go, and out of all those 100+ people there, I didn’t know a soul. Granted it was in a town that I don’t usually socialize in, but still that’s pretty sad. I gotta get out more. Of course I came in a couple of minutes before starting and ended up on the very end on the front row, but really I didn’t mind. It was kind of nice being anonymous and I gotta say I started getting my groove on once I got the steps down. It was a bunch of giggly, sweaty fun!! Oh, and the best part – since it was the first night – it was FREE! Woohoo!! I can’t wait to go back again next week!

Now that I’ve been going to my yoga class for a month now, I think I’m ready to do some yoga at home on my own. I really like vinyasa yoga, where the poses flow from one movement into another. My yoga instructor does not flow – we practice a pose, take a little break, then practice another pose, etc. I’m happy with this because I think it really helps with technique, but I’m ready for a little more challenge.

So…(awkward segue in 3..2…1) I think I’m going through THE CHANGE (that’s what my mother always calls it –THE CHANGE) because I skipped a period this month. Shawn had a vasectomy after #3 was born, and since Brad Pitt hasn’t been in town lately, I know I’m not preggers. I never skip my periods. Ever. I’m so regular you could set your watch by my cycle. I’m not ready for the Big M! I’m not even 40 yet!!! I really hoped I would have another 10 years before this started happening, but I guess time marches on even if you lay down in the middle of road thinking it won’t possibly march over you, but then it does and it ends up leaving boot marks all over your forehead. Dammit. Stupid marching time.

Okay well that’s all I got for now. Any of you going through/gone through perimenopause or menopause yet? Anyone ever had a freakish period-skip? I’m dying to hear about your hormonal changes!! 🙂