So this is me sitting with the feeling of boredom. Oh, I’ve got plenty to do – plenty of laundry, plenty of kitchen to clean up, plenty of bills to pay, but I don’t wanna do any of those things.  The kiddos are at grandma’s house, the husband is next door visiting his buddy, and I’m sitting here trying NOT to go into the kitchen to eat. I’m not hungry, in fact I’m a wee bit stuffed, but I’m avoiding unsavory chores and there’s nothing happening on FaceBook right now, so I’m just going to blog until the urge to nosh passes…which could be awhile.

A couple of days ago I had this long drawn out post partially written about my loneliness and how that triggered my binge eating when I was younger, but frankly it bored me to tears and I scrapped the whole thing. Actually I didn’t scrap it – it’s still sitting in my Drafts, unfinished and untitled, and that’s probably where it’s going to stay.  I just don’t have the mental energy to finish it right now.  Maybe sometime later.

So I think I have a few options to do get over my boredom:  I can do a load of  laundry real quick so that I have some underwear to wear in the morning (I refuse to go commando), I can go take a bath amongst the naked Barbie dolls and toys in my kids’ bathroom, I can watch a chick movie for an hour or so until I decide to go to bed.  I would really really REALLY love to go to bed early tonight. I love going to bed early. In related news, I’m old. I think I’m going to start eating dinner at 4:30 and watching Matlock reruns. Along those same lines, won’t  you humor me for a few moments whilst I complain about the high cost of movies these days? Why, thank you!

I took my kids to see Toy Story 3 yesterday, and while I LOVED the movie (yeah, I cried, so what?!) I didn’t love the fact that it cost $61 for an adult and 3 kids to see a frickin movie!!!  $10 for adults, $9.50 for kids, plus $20 for popcorn and drinks. *Insert cranky old man voice here* SIXTY-ONE DOLLARS TO SEE A MOVIE.  I’m sorry folks, but that is just wrong. That was the matinee price too – not sure if the evening price is different.  Isn’t that just crazy?????  *shaking limp fist in the air* DARN YOU DISNEY!!!!

Thank you for indulging me in my rant. I feel better now.

Okay well, you know what? I think the urge has passed, so I’m going to dig my undies out of the hamper and throw them in the laundry, then I’m going to settle in and watch…something.

Night, y’all!