The lovely and talented Soccer Mom gave me this award the other day, and I’m just now getting around to thanking her properly for it.  Thank you SoccerMom – you rock my socks off!!  🙂

The stipulations of this award are that you have to answer a few questions that the Award-er makes up, so without further ado, here are my answers:

1. How do you define happiness?    Happiness is being content with everything around you. Happiness is appreciating the current moment for what it is.

2. Happiest childhood memory.   Wow – I have a lot of memories to choose from. Playing with my friends, falling asleep while grandma rubbed my back, getting my teddy bear for my 6th birthday (I still have that bear, btw).

3. What”s harder to have? To have loved once and let it go or to have NOT loved at all? That’s a toughie. Both of them are incredibly painful and take a long time to make peace with. I call it a draw.

4. What brings a smile to your face? Listening to my 5 year old explain her theories on life.  She has a lot of imagination!

5. Something you have not yet done, that would make you happy?  Spending an entire weekend with my best friend in our old college town, drinking margaritas and reminiscing. Good times, good times.

So there you have it!  Now it’s my turn to give this award to a few friends, and I’m going to give this award to:

Debby – because the blogosphere would be a dark and lonely place without her!

MB – because she has been reading my blog for a long time and she always has great words of wisdom.

Pubsgal – because just like MB, she’s been around here for awhile and she does triathlons – she just super awesome.

Okay here are the questions:

  1. What do you do in the privacy of your own home that you would NEVER do in front of anyone?
  2. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?
  3. What’s the bravest/scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Have a great Thursday gang!  🙂