Even the beautiful people aren’t beautiful enough…

Just found this post on the front page of WordPress.com and thought I’d repost the pics here (giving full credit of course to the original author).

Here’s an impossibly beautiful model who, in my opinon, needs no retouching whatsoever, but just look at all they plan to do to her!

Unairbrushed Model

First, how cute is her hair?! I love this haircut and if I looked good with short hair, I would totally go for this cut.

Second, even though this model is thin, she actually looks relatively healthy to me. She’s not skin-and-bones skinny, and I can even see some muscles in there.

Third, I think she looks perfectly fine in this pic. I would totally buy this bikini if I were 16 years old (because really, ruffles on a 39 year old? I don’t think so.).

Anyway, here are the before/after shots.  You tell me, which one looks better?

Before and After

Yeah, me too. The second photo looks “off” to me. Oh that’s right…because it IS!

So for all of you out there who think you aren’t good enough – don’t feel bad. Apparently we live in a world where near-perfection isn’t perfect enough!

Anyone else out there get a thrill/breathe a sigh of relief when you see untouched photos?

7 thoughts on “Even the beautiful people aren’t beautiful enough…

  1. That’s great that it’s shown. It reminds me of a Dove ad/info showing behind the scenes of how media takes a normal looking woman and transforms her into an impossible image even she can’t live up to.

    I read an interview with Cindy Crawford where she says even she doesn’t look like “Cindy Crawford” when she gets up in the morning.

    Re the pic above – I’m shocked her deltoids would be shaved off, too.

  2. I’m stuck on the ruffles. Too cute. No? Not for a 55 year old? And yeah, I love the haircut too. But I know me. I’d stick it behind my ears…

    I’m sick of our society’s obsession with perfection. My next post is going to be about all the stupid mirrors in the gym.

  3. This is the second time I’ve come back to this post in disbelief. I mean really, she looks great as is. All those nights I’ve spent awake thinking Hollywood would never accept me. Heck, I’m sure they can even make me look good. What was I worried about. LOL

  4. This is my first time on you blog and while looking at the before and after pictures, I too thought the original was not in need of any “airbrushings”. Now that I have seen how they plan to “touch up” a photo, I wont be able to look through a magizine without thinking, “oh that’s been wiped away, or that’s been evened out, etc. I also agree with Diane, anyone can look great with a little “airbrushing”. I will be back to check out your blogs, Thank you. 🙂

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