Lessons and luxuries

Hey all! Hope you guys are having a good week so far.

I have decided to embrace the wearing of dresses this summer. Typically I am a jeans and tennis shoes kind of girl – comfy and casual is my trademark dressing style, but lately I have been wearing summer dresses and I LOVE THEM. Holy cow, they are super comfy and so easy – just put it on and go! The types of dresses I wear are to-the-knee or longer so I feel appropriately covered, but still cool and easy-breezy. I’ve never really embraced shorts or skirts mainly because my legs are pasty white, veiny, short, and chubby. I carry the bulk of my weight in my thighs, so showing anything above the knee always made me feel self-conscious, and showing anything below the knee made me feel self-conscious. This year however, I don’t really care. I figure if I have on a cute skirt or dress, that will get noticed before my legs will, so I’m just gonna go with it! 🙂

I learned something during my 5k last weekend that was pretty eye-opening for me, but first a little background. I had bought some new shorts and a short sleeved running top to wear to my race, but after I put it on, I felt like it was too clingy – all the bumps and rolls could be very easily seen so I opted instead for a loose tank and some regular athletic shorts, thinking at least this way people wouldn’t point and laugh at my big behind and muffin top. When we got to the race, imagine my surprise when LOTS of women there had on the same type of outfit that I was going to wear, and these women were not skinny-minnies. I saw women with wide hips and chunky thighs and big behinds and big breasts shoved into sports bras and they didn’t care a lick at what they looked like. They were there to run, not sashay down a runway. Lesson learned – a 5k race is not about fashion, it’s about PERFORMANCE, and you wear whatever is going to allow you to perform your best – fat rolls be damned!! So next time I won’t be so self conscious about what I wear (although I do think the tank top was a good idea since it was so stinking hot that day!).

Something else I gleaned from that day was pivotal in my training mind…there were many, many, many women there who were older and bigger than myself who left me in the dust! It didn’t matter how big their derrieres were, they had trained and they were in shape and they RAN that 5k all the way to the end. I’ve been saying to myself all along “if I were 20 pounds lighter, running would be so much easier” (and it’s possible it would be), but maybe it’s not my weight that’s slowing me down, maybe it’s my lack of consistent training. It gives me hope that even at my size I can train to go the distance.

On to other news, you know how some people have adverse reactions to peanuts, or pollen, or strong odors? Well, I think I have adverse reactions to dieting. Really, I do. I think I’m allergic to counting calories in that when I do, it sets off something in my brain that says “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!” and it leads to a meltdown of epic proportions (okay, maybe not EPIC proportions, but you know what I mean). I’m not going to play the diet game anymore. I just can’t. I am going to eat as best as I can, and move whenever I can, and try to overcome the demon of emotional eating. I’m going to do it within the framework of nourishing my body, mind, and spirit.

And speaking of that, I have been poking around the internet looking for sights that tap into that very thing, and I ran across a quote (and for the life of me, I cannot remember where I saw it or who said it – I’m sorry!) but it said something along the lines of, and I’m totally paraphrasing here, that we need to stop thinking of self-care as a luxury and start thinking of it as a necessity. For myself, getting pedicures are very much a luxury, but the joy that I get out getting one shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions – if I enjoy them so much, why do I not get them more often? They don’t cost a lot, and they make me feel pampered and pretty, so why don’t I treat myself to this kindness more often? I don’t know why, but I can tell you that I’m going to start, and isn’t it lucky that today is payday?! 🙂 Other things that I can do to incorporate regular luxuries into my life are taking a yoga class, giving myself permission to sit down and read a book, taking a bubble bath after the kids have gone to bed (or maybe early in the morning before they wake up – I hadn’t thought of that!!), buying a pair of earrings for myself for no particular reason…I could probably go on and on if I think about it long enough!

So what are some of your luxuries that you need to turn into necessities?


What important lessons have you learned this week?

11 thoughts on “Lessons and luxuries

  1. Hmmm, turning luxuries into necessities:

    wearing dresses more often (I too am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal)

    wearing makeup – it makes me feel pretty but I don’t do it often

    manicures – going to book one this week!

    Thanks Jill 🙂

  2. I love all the new things you are learning. I am still trying to learn that thing about women being all different shapes and sizes and still being athletic and fit and strong.

    I’m fairly good at giving myself some luxuries here and there. Lately its been my bookbag and me at Starbucks for a little quiet reading.

    I’m afraid of getting a pedicure. I think they’ll hurt my feet. But I like painting my nails myself, and that is a little luxury to me–just taking the time to do it.

    You and me and Pubsgal–what did she call it? The summer of sustaining?

    1. Debby, a good pedicure is HEAVEN (and this is coming from someone who has such sensitive feet that she squirms at the thought of being touched sometimes).

  3. Definitely wearing make-up. My kids are now 6 and 3, and I feel like since they were born (and I became an at-home mum) I just stopped wearing make-up except when I was actually going out somewhere special. So my husband and my friends always get to see my naked face (except for mascara, I am blond and you can’t even see my eyelashes if I don’t wear mascara). Not that there is anything wrong with my naked face, but I think it would be nice to look a bit more ‘special’ every day.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind a massage more often…

  4. It is funny how you have to sidle up on yourself with better eating… if I read, “Cutting out sugar helps in losing weight” I immediately had an internal tantrum and wanted sugar. But said some other way, it made perfect sense and didn’t trigger my inner toddler. I dipped a toe in Weight Watchers and thought, “Nope, can’t do it.” But I’m willing to count calories. I dunno, it’s funny.

    I don’t think I could do a pedicure. Nobody touches my feet except for my sweetie 🙂

  5. My luxury? Time to THINK. It’s sad that the only time I allow myself time to plan/reflect/think is either in the car or in the shower.

    PS. Dresses – glad you’re on board!

  6. My step-mom treated my daughter and me to a trip to the nail salon; it was great! We gr’ups enjoyed a spa pedi (oh-so-nice!) and little girl got her first real nails painted (toes and fingers, with a few sweet little flower & butterfly stickers). I wondered, too, why I didn’t treat myself to that once in awhile.

    Yep, I’m in for Summer of Sustaining! I’m going to try some new fitness classes, as well as do more outside workouts. I want to get my running fitness back (I lost some speed this spring) and be ready for that sprint tri I’ve been eyeing in August.

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