Hey gang!

I’m feeling better today than I have felt in the last two weeks. Not sure what the change is, but I feel lighter and less anxious.  Almost too good…which makes me think my hormones are out of whack, which would explain the up and down of the last several days.  Whatever it is, I’ll take the penthouse over the basement any day.  (word of caution, when you are Googling images of a penthouse apartment, make sure you don’t type in “penthouse”…you won’t get apartments, trust me)

I have whole new slew of blogs that I am reading that are really lifting my spirits as well. This woman intrigues the heck out of me! I love her spunk and her style and the fact that she is so active! She bikes in a skirt and heels, y’all!! Can’t get spunkier than that.  🙂  And I really liked this post – I could totally identify with it.

And Gina is my kindred spirit, I think. Lately when she posts something, I think “I GET IT” and she has said that to me too, so I dig her.  A lot.  (Hey Gina!)

This lovely lass is one that Debs pointed out to me – I really like her philosophy on being balanced – body, mind, and spirit. Love it.

Those are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll posting more linky love later.

I’m running another 5k this Saturday, and I don’t feel ready. I have a feeling this one is going to be a little tougher than the last one – this course is a bit more hilly, and there are going to be lots more people so that makes me nervous.  I am going with my next door neighbor, who also happens to be my fabulous hairdresser, and she is tons of fun so I know I’ll have a good time regardless.

Keeping this short and sweet tonight because it’s almost my bedtime – have a great Thursday!  🙂