Success!!! Finally I had a good food day – I did amazingly well yesterday.  I told myself that I could have as much food as I wanted as long as it wasn’t junk. I ate a lot y’all. I mean I felt like I ate A LOT of food all day but when I tallied it all up it was only around 1400 calories (I can’t remember the exact number) – I was really surprised because I felt full and satisfied all day.  Here’s what I ate yesterday:


Cheerios with blueberries and milk

Turkey sandwich on 7 grain bread

baby carrots

cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries

romaine salad w/ Italian dressing

1 oz cheddar cheese with Club Crackers

Strawberry Yogurt Nutrigrain Bar

Venison patty

Broccoli and cauliflower

romaine salad with Italian dressing


Half peanut butter sandwich on 7 grain bread

half glass of milk

10 glasses of water

The only thing that came close to junk food was the Nutrigrain bar that I was “strongly encouraged” to eat after I gave blood yesterday after lunch.  Seriously the lady was waiting for me to take a bottle of water and a snack and she watched me eat it. Not sure what that was all about, but it was okay. Oh, and I guess the Club crackers weren’t exactly superfoods either, but it’s better than Lucky Charms, right? See this is why I hate posting what I ate because I’m afraid someone is going to be judging my food thinking, “well if she thinks that’s healthy, no wonder she can’t lose weight” or something like that. So don’t judge me, okay? Especially when I’m feeling so good about my food right now.  🙂
And yes, Juice, if you will notice – I DID eat some broccoli yesterday.  It was okay – still not my favorite but I didn’t gag or anything while I was eating it.  I loved that I could eat a whole cup of it for only 30 calories, though. So that was a plus.
Food Summary: So I learned yesterday that I can eat a bunch of food for a small amount of calories as long as it’s good, healthy food.  Yeah, I know…I’m a little slow coming to this party!!  And really I enjoyed everything I ate yesterday, like I said I was satisfied all day long.  So, one day down and only 23974194571 more to go!!! 🙂
Exercise Summary:  I didn’t work out or run or anything yesterday. Instead I went home and took a nap.  For some reason, I think my body just needs rest right now. And no, this isn’t one of those “I’m just going to blow off my work out because I want to”. This feels more intuitive – like I really need to listen to my body and not push it when it just wants to rest.  So there’s no guilt about not working out.
The Results: FINALLY – I broke through that 162 barrier and am back down to 161!!  Yay!!!  🙂