This was waiting for me when I walked outside this morning. Isn't it pretty?

One of the gals over at iChange mentioned something I found to be very insightful. She’s lost some weight and she is thisclose to being at her goal weight (she might even already be there), and she was talking about how maintaining her weight was going to be more about the food than the exercise. Then she said that when she eats off-plan she always eats until she is over-full. Here’s what she said that struck a chord with me:

“Am I feeding me, but with my body’s memory being 15 pounds heavier?”

She thinks that she’s feeding herself the way she fed herself 15 pounds ago – BINGO!!! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been eating the way I ate when I was in the 170’s, and my body is responding with glee and extra pounds. If I want to weigh 155, then I have to eat like I weigh 155 (not 162), which means I need to stop with the stupid Lucky Charms (even if they are magically delicious). So for today, I am challenging myself to eat like the person I want to be: healthy. I’d like to get in at least 3 days in a row of good eating (actually I like to get in 395872938 days in a row of good eating, but let’s start with one day, shall we?) .


Food Summary: I started off great, but then I succumbed to the call of the Lucky Charms and it was downhill from there. I ate a bunch of cookies that my daughter had gotten out and someone had to finish them off, so I volunteered. Why I continue to make such stupid choices, I’ll never know.

Exercise Summary: I blew off my running day. I was tired and I just wanted to go home and veg. So I did. I’ll make up for it today by doing…something. Not sure what.

The Results: Holding steady at 162.