Now with added strawberries!

I got more strawberries at the store yesterday and I hid them from the kids so I could have some for my lunch today. Yay strawberries!!

Food was good yesterday, but I’m cautious about saying that because for the past couple of weeks a good day is usually followed by a day of eating junky junk, so I’m hoping to break that bad cycle today.

Not much else going on…my Lady Time came today, so hopefully some of this water weight will go away. I feel a little off today, but at least I know why.  Going to try and run Week5 Day3, but really a brisk walk might be all that I can manage today with…ya know… my Lady Time.  When I say that in my head, it always sounds like “Layday Time”. Which is why I think it’s funny to call it that. Layday Time.  heehee. Kind of how a lounge singer might say it…”let’s hear it for the Laydays tonight!”  It’s a good thing I can so easily entertain myself, or else I’d be bored for much of my life.


Food Summary:  lots of fruit and veggies, lean protein, and water. Lots and lots of water.  Not feeling so much like the water buffalo today.

Exercise Summary: does running to the bathroom a lot count? Because that’s about all the exercise I got.

The Results:  Back down to 162.  le sigh.