this makes me happy

I hit a point yesterday when I just got tired of eating sub-par food.  I craved something healthy and nutritious. Something that would please my whole body, not just my taste buds. I have been letting my emotions and my taste buds dictate what foods I eat for the last two months and I think that’s long enough. I actually craved broccoli last night, but I hate broccoli so I don’t know what that was all about – I’m sure I’m lacking in some nutrient that broccoli provides or something, but whatevs. I still hate broccoli.

I cut up the cantaloupe I bought Saturday and thanks be to God, it was sweet and delicious. Since my kids ate all of the strawberries, I only had blueberries to pair with it, but  it was still goooo-oooood.  The above picture is what I had for dessert with lunch today. Yum-may!!!!

Running the 5k on Saturday made me really think about what foods I put into my body and I wondered how much easier it would have been if I had been properly fueled. I wonder how much easier my whole life would be if I were properly fueled, but that’s a post for another day.  I really need to clean up my eating though – as much as I can. I’m still conflicted about a few things, but I know I can do a lot better than I have been.


Food Summary:  Ate a bunch of crap all weekend. Felt like crap until last night. Ate cantaloupe and bluberries for dinner and was very satisfied.

Exercise Summary: 5k on Saturday, cleaned house on Sunday. That’s it.

The Results:  Back up to 163.  Lady Time can’t get here soon enough. People are going to start mistaking me for a water buffalo, I’m retaining so much.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Hi,
    There are some wonderful teas that help with water retention. Danelion tea has many benefits one of which helps reduce water retention. I’m not talking about dieters teas either. Get these at the health food store.

  2. Oh, I would like to have some good canteloupe. I’m always afraid to buy fruit out of season because it is so disappointing when it is not good.

    That is very funny–being mistaken for a water buffalo…

  3. I honestly can’t help admiring your perseverance! Honestly you are a born-to-be leader. You inspire people by your own example because you are so real! I think you’re fantastic!!!

    By the way – I had a similar treat the other day bananas and blueberries in lime juice (with sugar)… yummy!

  4. If you were craving broccoli, why not just eat some? MAYBE you don’t hate it anymore. Maybe your 170 lb self hated it, but your 155 self loves it and craves it. I’m just saying…

    I’m having broccoli with dinner tonight

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