this makes me happy

I hit a point yesterday when I just got tired of eating sub-par food.  I craved something healthy and nutritious. Something that would please my whole body, not just my taste buds. I have been letting my emotions and my taste buds dictate what foods I eat for the last two months and I think that’s long enough. I actually craved broccoli last night, but I hate broccoli so I don’t know what that was all about – I’m sure I’m lacking in some nutrient that broccoli provides or something, but whatevs. I still hate broccoli.

I cut up the cantaloupe I bought Saturday and thanks be to God, it was sweet and delicious. Since my kids ate all of the strawberries, I only had blueberries to pair with it, but  it was still goooo-oooood.  The above picture is what I had for dessert with lunch today. Yum-may!!!!

Running the 5k on Saturday made me really think about what foods I put into my body and I wondered how much easier it would have been if I had been properly fueled. I wonder how much easier my whole life would be if I were properly fueled, but that’s a post for another day.  I really need to clean up my eating though – as much as I can. I’m still conflicted about a few things, but I know I can do a lot better than I have been.


Food Summary:  Ate a bunch of crap all weekend. Felt like crap until last night. Ate cantaloupe and bluberries for dinner and was very satisfied.

Exercise Summary: 5k on Saturday, cleaned house on Sunday. That’s it.

The Results:  Back up to 163.  Lady Time can’t get here soon enough. People are going to start mistaking me for a water buffalo, I’m retaining so much.

Have a great Monday!