My first 5k race is tomorrow.  To say I’m a little bit nervous is a little bit of an understatement.  I did Week 5 Day 2 yesterday and I really did so much better than I expected to.  The 8 minute intervals were not as painful as I thought they were going to be, and after my first run I felt absolutely tingly all over, and after the second one, I was high as a kite!! It was an awesome, amazing run and I loved every minute of it.  Day 3 is the 20 minute run and I’m trying to decide if I want to use that while I’m doing the actual 5k or if I just want to use my own music. What do you all think?  Since it’s late Friday afternoon, I hope somebody who runs will read this before tomorrow!!  Also wondering if/what I should eat in the morning…I’m thinking protein, but maybe carbs would be better?  Why didn’t I think of these things before now?!?


Food Summary:  I was very proud of my choices yesterday.  I feel like I ate a really good balance of foods and I felt pretty good when I went to bed last night (that’s kind of been the way I guage my eating: if I feel good at bedtime then I know I didn’t over indulge).

Exercise Summary:  Week5Day2 of C25k.  AWESOME.

The Results:  back to 162.  whatever.

Have a great weekend!!!  🙂