Tomorrow is the day

My first 5k race is tomorrow.  To say I’m a little bit nervous is a little bit of an understatement.  I did Week 5 Day 2 yesterday and I really did so much better than I expected to.  The 8 minute intervals were not as painful as I thought they were going to be, and after my first run I felt absolutely tingly all over, and after the second one, I was high as a kite!! It was an awesome, amazing run and I loved every minute of it.  Day 3 is the 20 minute run and I’m trying to decide if I want to use that while I’m doing the actual 5k or if I just want to use my own music. What do you all think?  Since it’s late Friday afternoon, I hope somebody who runs will read this before tomorrow!!  Also wondering if/what I should eat in the morning…I’m thinking protein, but maybe carbs would be better?  Why didn’t I think of these things before now?!?


Food Summary:  I was very proud of my choices yesterday.  I feel like I ate a really good balance of foods and I felt pretty good when I went to bed last night (that’s kind of been the way I guage my eating: if I feel good at bedtime then I know I didn’t over indulge).

Exercise Summary:  Week5Day2 of C25k.  AWESOME.

The Results:  back to 162.  whatever.

Have a great weekend!!!  🙂

14 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the day

  1. Hi, just came across your blog and figured I’d write down some of the stuff I have come across with my recent 5k’s.

    I think it’s totally by preference but I always eat a whole wheat english muffin, with a little almond butter and banana about 1.5 hours before a race and I start hydrating early. Sometimes I’ll just do half the english muffin and have an orange closer to the race.

    I also make sure to get on the bathroom line 15 minutes before the race because the lines tend to be really long and have heard the gunfire from the porter potty before. Not a fun way to start a race!

    Hope that helps! Good luck tomorrow – you’ll do great! (And I bet end up signing up for more soon after!) 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!!! This does help a lot!! I’m glad you said that about getting in line for the bathroom – I wouldn’t have thought of that until it was too late! 🙂

  2. I am so so proud of you! Seems like this race just snuck up on me. I wish I could be there to fix you your special before race breakfast! (but reading all those instructions about what to eat and what not to eat…I guess you should just eat what you are used to eating.) Love it that you can eat high carb when you’re training and on race day. I might have to start racing just so I can enjoy more of my beloved carbs!

    So glad you had a great experience training. Maybe those endorphins were just what you needed.

    And I love this: The Results: back to 162. whatever. That’s how I feel right now. I’m actually refusing to step on the scale.

    1. Thanks Debs! If I could bottle and sell that “just finished a great run” feeling, I’d be a gazillionaire!! 🙂 Endorphins are my friend.

  3. I’m so sorry I’ve missed out on your running journey so far. At least there’s plenty more to come. You are more of a runner now than I am, girlfriend!!

    Love all the suggestions you’ve gotten so far. I usually ate half a PB sandwich & a banana, or a zone protein bar & a banana. And start drinking water ASAP. I would try to stop my water an hour before the race, & I’d still have to pee right before anyway. For a 5k you won’t have to take a bathroom break during the race, though.

    For your music–if you have time, I’d just get the best 30ish minute mix you can come up with. My first ever 5k, my first song was Natasha Beddingfield’s (sp?) “Unwritten.” I almost started crying & I had only run like 50 feet! You are going to feel so great tomorrow!!!!!!! Have fun & remember to Run Your Own Race (& ignore everyone else)! Love you!!

  4. Don’t eat anything that you don’t normally eat. Tomorrow is not the day to try out new stuff…your nerves alone might be enough to upset your GI tract without throwing something you’re not used to on top of it.
    Awesome awesome! You’re going to do great. I’m so jealous…I haven’t been able to run (or walk) because of an ankle injury, and the sunshine is calling me!
    Good Luck!

    1. Good advice Heather. So the Extra Spicy Chicken Curry probably wouldn’t be a good choice, huh? 😉
      I’ll run a mile for you Heather!

  5. Oooo, good luck on your 5K tomorrow! I still have a couple of weeks until my next event; wish I had something sooner! (And so glad you had a good run before your race!)

    Not sure how big of an event it is, but yes, definitely hit the line for the bathrooms before the race.

    Food-wise, I wouldn’t try anything too drastically different. You won’t need to carbo load ahead of time or anything. Make sure you have a little protein and fat with your carb in the morning; for example, peanut butter on your toast. (I like oatmeal with peanut butter, myself, for pre-race breakfast.) Bring a little snack with some protein and carb for after the race; most races have a post-race snack table, but sometimes those get cleaned out. (I find half a banana and some peanut butter to be just about right.)

    Hydration – Definitely keep hydrated! Your grocery store may have some low-sugar sports drink packets (mine does in the section where they have Crystal Light); those help, but without the massive amounts of sugar that you find in typical sports drinks.

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