Up and down and up and down

Yesterday was an even balance of healthy foods and junk foods. Not exactly the 75/25 ratio I was hoping for, but at least it wasn’t 75% crap vs. 25% healthy. After work yesterday I found myself furiously eating animal crackers and Pringles and it suddenly hit me that this was stress eating. I had a little talk with myself to figure out why I was stressed: I figured out I was frustrated with trying to burn a DVD that just wouldn’t cooperate, how to fix the chicken for dinner, finances, and impending thunderstorms/tornadoes in the area. Once I pinpointed exactly why I was stressed, the urge to eat went away. So I consider that a small personal victory.

Also, my pre-Lady Time is about to kill me. I can feel a tidal wave of tears brewing just under the surface. I want, no I need, a good cry. It has hit me particularly hard in the last week that my kids are growing up fast and that I really need to take the time to enjoy them while they are all still safe under my wings. I need a good emotional release. I just hope it comes when no one is around to see me because I have a feeling it’s going to be an ugly cry!


Food Summary: I ate some really good foods and some really bad ones. Like I said it was about 50/50. I could have made a few better choices, but what’s done is done.

Exercise Summary: None. I waited too long in the evening and family stuff got in the way. I need to get it done early in the evening before everything else gets going.

The Results: back up a pound to 163. I feel like I’m on a carousel, all the up and down that’s been going on this week!

Focus for today: Just do the BEST I can, drink lots of water, and run Week5Day2 this afternoon.

One thought on “Up and down and up and down

  1. Jillie, are you better this morning? I wrote a long reply at work today and then it disappeared. That always makes me SO mad!

    Anyway, I hope you will get a little time to yourself, either to have that good cry, or to sit and do nothing, or whatever you feel like doing.

    Oh, now I remember what I wrote. Nothing makes me more frustrated than computer stuff that I just can’t get to work.

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