One mistake after another

I took the day off yesterday to attend some end-of-school events at my kids school yesterday.  Shawn and I took the kids to school and then decided to go for coffee and a donut (mistake #1). Then after the ceremony, I ran to McDonald’s to get lunch for myself and my 5 year old since I promised her waaaay back in October that I would come and have lunch with her at school. We ate our McD’s (mistake #2) and she was thoroughly happy, then I went to my 9 year old’s class to where the teacher had put together a video of all the highlights of the year. Oh, y’all. You! All!  This video liked to have killed me!!  – the pictures, the music, all of it made me want to stop time right in it’s tracks so that my kids wouldn’t get another day older.  I sobbed quietly (thank God for hankies!) and then to make matters worse they handed out plates of cake and cups of punch to all the visiting parents.  I  ate a few bites (mistake #3) but not many because it’s hard to eat and cry at the same time! Sarah (my 9 year old) got to leave school early, so we ran around town shopping and then she wanted to rent a movie, so we did that and stopped and got some caramel popcorn (mistake #4).  The popcorn was good, but I was still unsatisfied from lunch, so I heated up some popcorn chicken (mistake #5) thinking maybe some protein would help (it didn’t).  I was feeling very unhappy with all my choices so I got on the elliptical for awhile, and then fixed dinner.  Hamburger Helper (mistake #6), mashed potatoes and peas was what the family wanted, so that’s what I fixed. I ate mine on a teeny tiny plate because although I was a little hungry, I knew I didn’t need much.  Then I got the brilliant idea to make some teacher’s gifts, so I spent the rest of the evening sewing the cutest little gifts (I can’t tell you what they are because they look a lot like my Pay It Forward gifts).  Can I just take a moment to say how much I love sewing? I do!  I am able to tune everything else out and just focus on the project at hand – love it!!


So here’s the summary for yesterday”

Food Summary:  large amounts of crap which left me feeling unsatisfied, sluggish, and bloated.  Lesson learned.

Exercise Summary:  35 minutes on the elliptical.

The Results:  Up TWO pounds to 163.  YIKES!!!  Can I just tell you how much I hate this number?????  I hate 163. Hate it hate it hate it.

Focus for today:  I’m back at work today so it should be a regular routine kind of day. Except that I have to get a crown on my tooth this afternoon, but that won’t be any big deal. I hope.  Focus is to eat decent food in small-ish amounts and drink lots of water.  Hope to get Day 1 Week5 done this afternoon also, since the 5k is Saturday. I’m so not ready.  :/

4 thoughts on “One mistake after another

  1. It’s tough in the world in which we live to make good, healthy choices when we’re on the go. We shouldn’t have to work this damn hard to find good options. I’ve loaded up my car and office with sensible choices for when I need a snack (or meal). I’ve found that if I’m hungry and driving around, my brain can’t be trusted to take care of my body.

    Ditto on that “wish they wouldn’t grow up” sentiment, btw.

  2. Okay, I SWEAR to you, before I read your food summary, I thought to myself ‘do I dare comment MY GOSH THAT IS A LOT OF CRAPPY FOOD.?’

    Great minds think alike.

    Onward and upward my friend. Its just one day. And it was a really really wonderful day with your kids. Surely that cancels out any ‘bad food day.’ (Oops, I’m not supposed to call food bad, according to the Intuitive Eating book.)

    I love that you love sewing. That would give us something to do together besides eat cupcakes.

    And you are making me feel guilty about my pay it forward gifts. But I have until December, and knowing me, they will be in the mail Dec. 15…

  3. jeez I love AND HATE food days like that. but some days….some days.

    I’ve been doing much better since I started watching my sodium intake! no bloating…go figure!

    happy Tuesday

  4. Okay, but it was just one day, Jill – and those days will happen. The weight is most likely water – I’m sure you didn’t ingest 7,000 calories that day!!!!
    My 4 year old’s class hosted a mother’s day “tea party”, and as the kids were singing their cute little songs I got all choked up as well!

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