Another weird day for me yesterday.  I decided to take my kids with me to the park so they could play and I could run. This park is my favorite place to run because it has a dirt trail around it and it is small enough that I can keep an eye on the kids while I run.  Well, I just was not feelin it yesterday. Right when my run got started an old man stopped me (he literally put his arm out in front of me so I would stop) to tell me how stupid it was that the city took out a pedestrian bridge in the park (even though there are 2 more bridges just a few yards away) and he was riled up!  I fumbled to stop my C25k program to listen to him ramble, and then I pressed the wrong button and had to start completely over. I was not a happy camper at this point.  I tried to start again, but the run was super hard and I just felt like I had lead shoes on. I could not do it. So I decided to just sit and watch the kids play for awhile when I noticed a young girl (she looked about 16) walking across the park. She had on a skimpy top, short short short teeny tiny short shorts (they actually looked like underwear they were so short) and 4 inch white stiletto pumps.

On a Saturday.

At 11am.

Now, I’m pretty naive, but even I knew what she was up to. I watched her for a few minutes as she got comfortable on top of a table in a gazebo. She lit a cigarette and settled in.  I saw a group of 3 other moms near the swings, so I went over to them and asked if anyone else was concerned about this and they all said “yes!!” so I decided to call the cops to come check her out.  They came quickly and talked with her and she told them she was 20, from Tulsa, and waiting for a friend to come and pick her up. Yeaaaahhhhh riiiiight.

I went to talk to the cop (and had to wait for the Old Bridge Man to finish telling his story to the cop) and he said he was sure she was there to do some business, and thought she was probably there with a guy in a really loud obnoxious car that was sitting in the parking lot.  I had seen the car, but didn’t put two and two together until he mentioned it (I told you I was naive).

So in my favorite park on a Saturday morning was  a hooker and her pimp. It really pissed me off, but I felt better when the cop said he was going to make sure they didn’t do any business because he was going to sit there all day long and watch them. He also called a few other officers to make sure someone was there patrolling the park all day.  Thank God for the police!

I drove back by there about an hour later, and the girl was still there, sitting on a different table with her shoes off, looking bored. I felt really bad for her. She looked so young and she didn’t look at all like a crack whore – she was a nice looking girl. I haven’t stopped thinking about her, wondering if there is something more I could have done for her. Her pimp was exactly what you think of when you think of pimps (I’ll just leave it at that), so I’m sure she felt like she had no choice. But still…

I drove back by later that afternoon and she and the pimpmobile were both gone.  I hope they learned that this town is not the kind of place to do business!

After I single handedly made the town safe for our children again (heehee!) I came home, went to watch the husband weigh in for a fish tournament (he weighed in the fish, not himself – and he got 3rd place – woo!) then went to a place called…are you ready for this?…Pig n Out for ice cream. Now even though the name just screams White Trash America, they have THE BEST food and ice cream. No kidding.  So I had a twist ice cream cone and a few of the daughter’s french fries.

We came home and I decided that I wanted to do a little work on my Pay If Forward project, so I worked on that and was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.  If you are one of my Pay It Forward people, expect you gifts sometime this summer! Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

So it was a very different, but satisfying, kind of day.


Food Summary – I didn’t make very good choices yesterday.  Oatmeal for bfast was good, but then I had a chicken sandwich and some chips, and a bowl of cereal, then ice cream.  That was all I had yesterday, and I felt full and bloated and went to bed with a stomach ache.

Exercise Summary – Only did a quarter of my run, but got a little sweaty because it was muggy out.  Other than a little light house cleaning, that’s all the exercise I got.

The Result – up a pound to 162.

Focus for today – make better choices and be more active.

Have a good Sunday!  🙂