So yesterday was a different kind of day for me. We are damn near out of groceries in this house so bfast yesterday was wheat toast with 2 turkey sausage links. Then since it was raining cats and dogs (where did that saying come from? When, in the history of the world, did it ever rain so hard that cats and dogs literally fell from the sky? These are the things I wonder, folks.) and our computers were down at work, The Boss said we should just close up early and go home (exact words were “shag butt outta here”. Yeah I work for a linguist, let me tell you.). So I came home and since Shawn was home as well (Landscapers don’t work on rainy days either) we decided to go have lunch. We went to a Mexican restaurant where I consumed 847592834759 chips and salsa, and then ate two enchiladas. Damn, but it was good. Then I decided that we needed to go to some Antique stores to walk off our lunch (had I really been trying to walk off my lunch I would have walked to Seattle or some place far, far away), so we walked around for about an hour and a half, just looking and wishing we had been born in another time.  Then we came home and napped. Since it was still all rainy and gloomy outside, I thought breakfast for dinner sounded good. I. Love. Brinner.  Love it love it love it. Why do breakfast foods taste so much better when eaten at night? Ponder this and get back to me… So we had pancakes for dinner and they were mighty tasty.


So the food summary for the day:  three square meals with no snacks in between.

Exercise summary:  very slow browsing. Plus a little kitchen clean up at the end of the day. No sweating involved.

The Results:  No change in weight (161).  I felt over-full and a tad bit sluggish all day yesterday, so I think smaller meals with or without snacks is the way to go.

Today’s focus – be mindful of how I feel when I’m eating, and run Day 3 Week 4 of C25K.