I love spring even when I’m foggy

It’s such a wonderful feeling to crawl out of the cold and snow and resurface into the warm sunshine! I love it! It’s 70 degrees right now, and even though I have a cold/allergies I am really excited about the month of April. Such a time of renewal – celebrating Easter, enjoying the sunshine, recommitting to my health and wellness goals – it feels like a great time to start with a clean slate, don’t you think?

I ate so much sugar yesterday; I’ll bet my blood is pure syrup today. I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to get in as much crap as I could since I am starting down my sugar free path today. I’m going to take it slow and easy, so for this month I’m cutting out the obvious sugars – sweets and junk food. I really think sugar just makes me tired and cranky, so I’m interested to see how I’ll feel at the end of this month without all that sugar coursing through my veins.

I’m also training for a 5k to run in May. I’m on week2 of C25k, and I have been running outside mostly. I like running outside better I think – it makes the time go by faster! Saturday was a great run – even though I had to find a new place to run. The park I wanted to run in was having some sort of Trader’s Days or something so it was packed with people who had set their booths up right next to the sidewalk – it would have been a nightmare to try and run through all that! I had to search out a nice neighborhood and luckily I found one near the park. It was leafy and quiet and just a really enjoyable morning.

I feel like I’m all choppy in my writing this morning – I can’t seem to think clearly enough to put together a meaningful sentence today. Wonder if that’s a sugar thing or an allergy-head thing? Oh well, please forgive my lackluster post today.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about today was that these next few months (April through October) are my weight-losing months. For the last couple of years, these are the months when I do my biggest losing, which is probably also when the rest of the weigh-losing world does also, but I’m excited that these months are here. In these next 6 months, I’d really like to drop another 20 pounds, and put myself at or near my goal weight. I kind of hate to put a time limit on it, but I need to start making some headway and stop doing this ridiculous dance that I’ve been doing between these four pounds. I fluctuate between 155 and 159 most of the time – I would love to see 154 just to prove that I can do it. I’ve got a plan, I know what I need to do as far as eating and exercise…now I just need to put that plan into action.

I’m going to stop here because I feel like I am making very little sense and it’s hard to concentrate on writing this. I’m so tired and stuffy and my head feels all cloudy. I’m not in a bad mood or anything, I just can’t seem to focus, so I’m going to hit publish and hope for better writing tomorrow. Have a good Monday everyone! 🙂

5 thoughts on “I love spring even when I’m foggy

  1. Good to hear from you even when you’re foggy. I am loving spring too. Its an amazing gift each year, isn’t it?

    Hmmm, thought of you yesterday when I overdid it on the sweets too. Back in the saddle again today. Ooh, I’d love it if I could join you in losing 20 pounds. If only I would believe I could do it–where is Tinkerbell when you need her?

  2. I could totally understand you!

    I am always dancing around with 10. makes me NUTS. makes me just want to quit but I am too getting my plan figured out.
    it’s just 10 (the last 10)

    I am also afraid I am going to turn into a crazed woman trying to keep it off. we’ll see!

    great job on the run!

  3. Oh, honey, I hear ya. I ate more sweets (granted, it was only the most totally worthy stuff) than I’ve eaten in nearly 2 years. It’s way less than I used to do before diagnosis, but way more than I should have done. Not just talking a couple of pieces in one day, either…but a couple of pieces at about 2-3 hour intervals through the entire day. Bleh.

    That is GREAT that you’re doing C25K–good luck with it! I’m on day 7 of a nasty cold/allergy thing, and I have felt zero motivation to do anything more hard core than walk.

  4. I think its great that your going to run in a 5K. Im fit and I can not run a 5K. Make sure you have someone take photos to remember the moment by.

    PS have you seen or heard of those new bars called FULLbar? They are supposed to curve your Appetite.

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