Hi guys! Did you have a good weekend?

Okay, I just got word that my group on iChange is up and running!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!  Here’s who I think would benefit most from this program:

  • You know what you need to do, you just need a little guidance
  • You want to eat better, but you’re not really sure what that means exactly
  • You want someone to be right along side you to help you make the best choices
  • You sometimes need a gentle kick in the pants to get going
  • You really want to make a change that will stick
  • You want to have fun while doing it
  • You want to find other people who understand your struggles with weight loss

You know who you are – if this describes you, then I would love for you to join my group!  Here are the deets:

  • It is a 30 Day Challenge.  Even though it doesn’t feel like it, summer will be here before you know it. Wouldn’t you like to feel like you are making some progress by the time you have to break out the shorts and sundresses? Me too!
  • You will get a GUIDED meal plan designed by a registered dietician- that does not mean that you will not be required to eat salmon on Tuesday night. It means you will be encouraged to eat a lean protein. You get to choose the specific foods within the guidelines, so it is easy to fit the plan into your budget and personal tastes.
  • You will be with a group of like-minded individuals, with me as the head cheerleader. And trust me, people, I’m in the trenches right along with you – I’m still working on my goals.
  • The first 7 days are free, then it’s just $4.99 per week after that (so $15 for the 30 day program) and you can stop whenever you like. Really. You won’t hurt my feelings if it’s just not your thing, but I encourage you to give it a shot. After the 30 Day program, if you like you can continue with the group and move on to the next phase.

Let me be straight with you here – this is not a “get skinny in 30 days” type of program. This is to jump start your new way of eating healthy and living life well. I will show you the ropes, and you’ve got an expert to help you with any questions. 

As for my own personal stats, here’s what I’ve accomplished so far (I’m digging the bullet points today!)

  • I’ve lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks. That might not sound like much, but believe me for me it is HUGE!!  Normally this time of year I have gained 5 pounds, so I am really excited about this!
  • I have lost 5.25 inches from my body. I’ve lost an 1.5 inches from my hips and 1.25 inches from my thighs – this has me very excited!! 
  • I’m exercising more
  • I’m more aware of the foods I’m eating
  • I’m drinking more water
  • I feel really good. I’m listening to my body and  paying attention to what it is telling me.

If you think you might be interested but have some more questions, you can email me (see sidebar) and I will answer them as best as I can. Like I said, the first 7 days are free, and you can stop at anytime. 

Oh! Here’s the link to sign up page http://www.ichange.com/user/jillith71 (that’s kind of important!).  I would love to see some familiar faces in my group!!  🙂