Something to do this weekend

Hey all!!  Oh those crazy kids at iChange!!  Can you believe they are giving me my own group?!  I’m anxiously awaiting  the go-ahead from the powers that be to let you all in on it. It’s going to be the same 30 day program that I just did – Diana Young is the Head Honcho for the group, and I will be the cheerleader/guide/encourager for the 30 day program!! How exciting is that?! I know I’m super excited and I can’t wait to get started. As soon as I get the link to the sign up page, I’ll post it here and if you want to be in my group you can sign up and get started! Woot!  I’ll post some more details as soon as I get them!!

My sweets-free-zone challenge is going well so far!  Nary a cookie has passed these lips, and I’m really proud of myself so far.  The weekend is going to be a challenge because it’s always a challenge no matter what, but I’m confident I can get through it. I just gotta have the Eye of the Tiger, baby!!

Don’t you miss the 80’s???

Another thing I wanted to share with you is an interesting video series about HFCS.  It’s a 9-part series, but each video is only about 10 minutes long. I encourage you to watch it – you’ll think twice about drinking that soda pop this weekend!!  It’s really interesting, and eye opening! Here’s the link:
I think it will be worth your time to take a look at this.

Okay, well I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you all have a wonderful, stress-free, relaxing weekend!!

5 thoughts on “Something to do this weekend

  1. Congrats on your group AND on resisting the sweets!

    Had to chime in on the HFCS. My husband watched a university professor’s lecture about its role in childhood obesity on TV, and he’s much more aware of what he’s feeding the kids because of it. (We grownups were already about 95% HFCS free, because of my diabetes, but it’s in a lot of stuff the kids were still eating…and they don’t consume soda pop. Some sneaky places it hides are in bread, bbq sauce, ketchup, maple-flavored breakfast syrup, jams/jellies, and the like.)

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