It. Is. ON!!!!!

For the next 10 days, I am declaring myself a sweets-free zone.  No cookies, cakes, ice cream, or dessert of any kind for the next 10 days. From now through March 5 I will not consume any sugary-junky confections.  I can totally do this. I’m not worried about it because I totally did it yesterday. Yes, you heard me right:  I did not eat any Girl Scout Cookies. AT. ALL.  Woo!

Now for my disclaimers (you knew there would be a few):  I have a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee every morning – I’m keeping that because coffee without a little bit of sweet in it is just wrong. Wrong, I say!! So the coffee-sugar stays. Also, I’m not banning all forms of sugar in all forms of food, because, y’all, there’s sugar in EVERYTHING. I would make myself insane trying to avoid sugar at all costs, and I have so little sanity left as it is – let’s not waste what’s there, mkay? Um…that’s all the disclaimers I can think of right now…I may add more later if I think of any.

The point of this little experiment of mine is threefold:

  • to prove to myself that I will not die if I don’t have dessert,
  • to prove to myself that I am stronger than my cravings
  • to get my weight loss going again

I’m serious everyone.  I am so doing this.  And I know that in 2.5 minutes someone is going to come into my office and offer me something sweet because that’s how things like this always go, but I will be strong and with conviction I will say, “No thank you and good day sir!” and if they persist in offering me the sinful delight, I will say, “I said Good Day!”  That’ll show ’em!!

Okay, so any words of wisdom for me here? Anything you think I should know before I embark on my journey?  Pray tell, please share!!

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