I have been super busy and super stressed at work lately and my drug of choice to numb myself  has been Girl Scout Cookies.  I don’t even want to think about how much sugar I have ingested in the last 3 days.  I swear I think they put cocaine in those cookies because they are so addictive – especially those darn Thin Mints – they are both heaven and evil in one small minty cookie. 

J’adore/Je deteste les Thin Mints.

In related news, I’m afraid to step on the scale and see what kind of damage I’ve done. I think I need to just go cold turkey on the sweet stuff for awhile and see how I handle it.  I never really believed that I was a sugar addict, but now I’m beginning to think that might not be too far fetched after all. I’m eating really great from 7am – 5pm, but it’s that hour after work that kills me – and the hour after dinner. Those two hours are party time for me – after work because I’m so darned happy to be home that I want to celebrate with something sweet, and after dinner because “I just need a little something sweet”.  I have to get a handle on these two hours – they are killing my dreams of being a Super Hot Wonder Woman.

Fear me cookies! I fend off sweets with my Gold Bracelets of Death!