I am in a funk today, people.  Not sure exactly why, but I don’t have the desire to do anything. I don’t want to read, I don’t want to knit, I don’t even particularly feel like posting right now, but here I am. I want to eat some cookies with milk (check) and lay around and do nothing (check check). I did manage to do a little yoga workout this morning, but it didn’t really help much.

I had big plans for my Big Day Off today, but those plans went down the drain when I discovered a bill that I needed to pay, so I just stayed home and did a whole lot of nothing all the live long day.  yay.  I can’t wait to back to my ultra-exciting job tomorrow. double yay.

Oh yes, the funk is strong in this one, young Skywalker.  (oh good gravy I just made a StarWars reference. I am having an off day.)

Layta. Hopefully I won’t be taking up residence in FunkyTown.