So I get this email in my inbox this morning. I’ll let you read it. Btw, I changed the name of the company, and everything in blue was added by me:

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day from Well-Known Brand! Wed, February 10, 2010 11:35:22 AM

Hi —

 My name is XXXXX (her name isn’t really XXXXX, I just felt the need to keep her anonymous) and I work on behalf of the Well-Known brand.  We know that some of the most interesting baking content and discussions are happening online, in blogs just like yours (have you read my blog lately? When did I have any interesting baking discussions?). We came across your site and think that we have some fun baking recipes and ideas that your readers might like. If you’re interested, great! Feel free to post or start a conversation around any recipes or ideas we might send you. If not, let us know and we’ll stop emailing-no pressure.

 To start, we thought you might like a simple and fun baking idea for Valentine’s Day – Well-Known Brand®  Conversation Heart Brownies (Brownies?! Are you freaking kidding me?!). All you need is Well-Known Brand® brownie mix, frosting and some creativity to make a fun and tasty treat. You can find a the simple recipe on the Well-Known Brandwebsite by clicking here (link removed by me). We think that these Conversation Heart Brownies are a great way for everyone to bake a little something special on Valentine’s Day for the people they love.

Feel free to give this recipe a shot and post a review on your blog. If you like it and would like to try more, let us know and we’ll send you a box of brownie or cake mix to get you started (just email us back your mailing address). And don’t forget to fan/follow Well-Known Brand® on Facebook 🙂

Thanks and happy baking!


 Um, yeah, Hello? McFly? This is a WEIGHT LOSS WEBSITE!!  You might want to actually, oh I don’t know, READ MY BLOG before you suggest that I make BROWNIES for Valentine’s Day.  Can you believe this?  Now, I will admit, I have consumed my fair share of brownie mixes and yes, I dig me some Well-Known Brand, but come on!!  This is like giving out free bottles of Stoli at an AA meeting!!  Sheesh!! I don’t need this pressure! 

And now I want to make the dang brownies because they sound so gosh-darned yummy!!  Did I mention that I’m fighting Cake Wars with my son’s leftover birthday cake????? Hmmm??? Did I???? Well I am, and I’m sad to say that the score so far is Cake – 3, Jill – 0.  So hey, how about we throw some brownies into the mix (haha! get it? brownie mix?!) as a final blow! 

Man, this just really burns my hide (okay when I did I suddenly become Festus from Gun Smoke? Dang brownies, gosh-darned yummy, and now burns my hide? Really, Jill? Are we moving to The Ponderosa???). So anyway, yeah. There ya go.

 And we wonder why weight loss is so hard!