Guess what I learned today?  I learned that Dietitian is spelled with a “t”, not a “c”.  Go ahead, look at it again.  I’ll be willing to bet money that 99% of people spell it with a “c”. They would be wrong, and I would be rich.

Speaking of dietiTians, (see what I did there, that’s some fancy segueing, huh?!) my new friend Diana has a new blog. She is a registered dietiTian who specializes in helping people with diabetes and her thing is menu planning, which is why her friends gave her the moniker of The Menu Coach.  Since I’m rather evangelical about getting people into blogging, I said I’d give her some help – she wants to know what people would like to see on her blog, so I’m pulling out the handy-dandy PearPoll, and if you would be so gracious as to vote, you’d be helping out a fellow blogger.  If you or someone you know has diabetes (I think most of us know at least ONE person who does), you might point them to her site to see what they think as well.  She is chock full of information on all things diabetic, so there should be something of interest to them on her site.  Without futher ado, I bring you today’s Pear Poll:


Thank you so so so much for your help!  Here is her current website: If you have time, go by there and give her a warm bloggy welcome!

PS – There is a big ice/snow storm headed my way, so if you don’t hear from me in the next few days I am:

a) working furiously trying to finish my kitchen

b) loaded up on the couch with the fam watching movies and eating popcorn

c) shivering my arse off because the power went out.

or d) just too lazy to blog.

Have a good weekend!  🙂