Since I have been giving my husband so much sh*t here lately, I thought I would list all the great things he does for me, just to balance it all out! So behold, The List:

  • Laundry

The End. 

 Ha! Just kidding – but really that would be enough!

  • He cleaned up the kitchen the other night when I was too tired to do it
  • He spent and hour and a half waiting in the school parking lot to pick up our daughter last weekend
  • He went out and spent $100 on drawer and cabinet pulls because I kept snagging my shirts on the pointy ends of the ones we had.
  • He is going to repaint my kitchen cabinets for me. Goodbye 80’s paneling, Hello pretty white cabinets!
  • He fills my car with gas whenever he drives it
  • He is staying home from work today with our sick daughter so that I don’t have to use my vacation time
  • He cooks dinner a couple of times a week
  • He watched a chick flick with me the other day, even though he really wanted to watch BassMasters instead.
  • He totally tag teams with me when it comes to disciplining the kids. He’s very good about backing me up.
  • He makes me feel very safe. He’s a man’s man – he could kick some serious tail if the need ever arose!
  • He loves me totally and unconditionally, and sometimes I don’t make that an easy thing to do!

Of course there are lots of other things he does, but these have just been some of the more recent examples.  He really is a great guy and I firmly believe that God brought him into my life for a reason,  so it’s easy for me to forgive him when does something as horrible as making tasty confectionary treats! 

He’s my guy and I love him. 

He still makes me swoon!


Okay, I’m finished with my “isn’t my boyfriend ever so dreamy”  post. You may now barf at your leisure.