Okay, so apparently my super powers are only effective against cinnamon rolls, but not brownies.  Last night, my in-laws came over for a visit while I was getting ready to change into my work out clothes. While I was in the bedroom, he (my wonderful husband) pulls out a brownie mix, whips it up, and puts it in the oven to bake. After I chatted with the inlaws for a few minutes, I went out to get in a quick workout (only 20 minutes, boo) and when I re-entered the house from the garage, BuhBam! The lovely sweet aroma of brownies hit right square in the nostrils! 

I used my Super Strength to avoid those brownies for all of 3.2 seconds, and then I was so exhausted from the  effort that I gave in and had a brownie. What could I do? Everyone else was eating a brownie, and I didn’t want to be the odd man out, so I had one. I had done pretty well with my diet all day, so I thought I could eat one. And I deserved one because I fought off the Evil Cinnamon Roll on Monday! Right? RIGHT?!


Okay, I know those are all really lame excuses, and I take full responsibility – I made the choice to eat the dang brownie.  I’m not blaming my indescretion on anyone else – I could have walked away if I really wanted to, but I didn’t give myself a chance to think about it – I just ate it before I could change my mind. And this herein lies my biggest problem – I let myself off the hook a lot. When it comes to things like this, here’s my internal dialogue:

Me:  Ooooh! Brownies!! Come to me my sweet chocolate lover!!

Me: Oh, I shouldn’t. I’ve done so well today, I don’t want to wreck it all now with one little brownie.

Me: But they smell so DIVINE.  Just one isn’t going to hurt.

Me: But what if it does hurt?

Me: It won’t. It will feel good. I mean look at them! How can anything that chocolately hurt you? Besides if you don’t eat one, you’ll pout.

Me: Maybe if I don’t give in, I’ll feel virtuous. If I don’t give in, I’ll feel better about myself tomorrow.

Me: Oh for crying out loud! You are an adult and you can have one brownie! It’s not the end of the friggin world if you eat a brownie! Just eat the dang thing and move on!!!

Me: Well since you put it that way…I guess I’ll eat just one.  *gobbles up brownie reallysuperfast* 

And that’s what does me in every time. It’s the “I”m an adult and I can do whatever I damn well please” line that gets me to cave every. single. time.  Yes, I’m an adult, but does that mean I get to sabotage myself? Does being an adult mean that I can do whatever I want whenever I want? No.  I need to retrain my brain to think that being an adult means saying NO the hard stuff because ultimately it will lead to saying YES to good stuff, like “Would you like this shirt in a Small?” “Yes, please!” 

*Sigh*  Who knew the simple premise of “eat less, move more” could be so complicated?