Oh I rocked it good!

After dinner last night I was feeling all tired and mopey and wanna-lay-on-the-couchy, but I knew that I needed to work out and really, I WANTED to work out, I just wanted someone else to do it for me. Well, no one volunteered, so I finally got my arse on the elliptical with the promise that I could quit after 20 minutes. So I’m in the groove and ellipticalizing away and I notice that 20 minutes has come and gone and I’m still going strong. At 30 minutes I was getting good and sweaty, so I decided to go for 5 more minutes. After those 5 minutes, I’m really feeling it and a good song comes up in my playlist, so I tell myself that I’ll stop after this song is over. Only when that song ended, another good one came up and so I decided to workout through that song too, and I was so hot and sweaty and feelin like a million bucks that I actually worked out through 2 more songs for a total of FORTY-FIVE MINUTES.

Yeah Baby!!

I worked the ole Eli hard last night, guys (good gravy, that almost sounded pornographic, didn’t it?!), but man, it felt grrrrreat!!  Just goes to show ya the power of a good playlist!!

So here’s a sampling of what I was rocking it out to last night:

Desire – U2

Hot n Cold – Katy Perry

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Walk Away – Kelly Clarkson

Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol

Steve McQueen – Sheryl Crow

Mercy – Duffy

Forever Road – Darius Rucker

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Lady Antebellum

Veronica – Elvis Costello

Pocket Full of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

Viva La Vida – ColdPlay

Show Me What I’m Looking For – Carolina Liar

I’ve got a lot of other cool songs but those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  One of my “rewards” I have for myself is to download one or two songs from Walmart.com – they’re like $1 a song and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.  It’s amazing to me how much more I get out of a workout when I’ve got new tunes to spur me on!  And one reason I love working out on the elliptical is that I can listen to pretty much any kind of music – I find I don’t need a certain rhythm on the elliptical because the intensity and pace changes every so often (I have an automatic program  on mine) so any speed of music works for me.

So what do you all listen to when you work out?  Give me some more songs to add to my download list!  🙂

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9 thoughts on “Oh I rocked it good!

  1. And here the age difference becomes crystal clear.

    I don’t know most of the artists, and don’t know most of the songs. I might know some of them if I heard them because I listen to pop radio once in a while.

    lf I listened to songs while working out (I don’t have one of those thingies yet, and I still can’t work ITunes) I would listen to Phillips, Craig and Dean, Mercy Me, Newsong, and probably the Bee Gees….

    I’m excited for you on the eliptical. It took me a long long long time before I actually wanted to work out. Seems like just the past month or so where I am enjoying how strong and firm I feel, and just fit exercise into each day. There’s still days that slip by however. I just say those are my planned ‘rest’ days…

    Yesterday someone commented about dancing to exercise. And that appealed to me for these rainy windy days we are having. I am going to have to try to work ITunes again…

    1. There are so many other site besides iTunes. If you want an mp3 player, you can one fairly cheap – it doesn’t have to be an iPod. I had an RCA player that I got at Walmart for $30 – it worked great until I washed it in the washing machine! And if the BeeGees make you want to move (I have Staying Alive as my ringtone on my phone!) then I say go for it! Anything that makes you move is fair game. Stephen Curtis Chapman is on my playlist and Casting Crowns is great too. You might be one of those that doesn’t need music to work out with, and that’s fine too! You know as well as I do that you have to do what works FOR YOU.
      Oh, and there have been many, many times that I have had a dance party in my living room! Sometimes just me by myself and sometimes the kids join in. They think it’s hilarious! 🙂

    2. I’m sort of in the same boat as Debby, except that I’m sure I’ve heard some of these at the gym, but I wouldn’t be able to identify groups or artists by name. Unless, of course, it’s a cover of a song that was popular in the ’80s, then I can track it from there…that was my music decade. Or if it’s something on Radio Disney, which is what my kids listen to. (Is it just me, or do the lyrics to “Party in the USA” drive anyone else batty? Although I guess, “Nodding my head, like, yeah” isn’t much worse than Duran Duran’s “Like a birthday/Or a pretty view”.)

      1. oh gosh you had me at Duran Duran! And yes, “nodding my head like yeah” is way way way WORSE than anything that came out of the 80’s!! 🙂

  2. OMG! I work out 7 days a week at a gym. I have to wear my headphones to drown out the people who like to chat while they are working out.
    Here is a list of what I listen to, very up beat and keeps you going. I have a very random song line up for exercise.

    Black Eye Peas- Pump it & Boom Boom Pow
    Cake- The distance
    Korn- Somebody Someone
    Shop Boyz- Party Like a Rock Star
    The Urge- Gene Machine
    Nazareth- Hair of the dog
    Cage The Elphant- Ain’t no rest for the wicked

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